A Case for Ernie Fontaine” is the gripping story of a private investigator searching for her fiancé’s killer.

Marie McFadden, a talented author, has completed her new book “Dodge the Devil: A Case for Ernie Fontaine” – a chilling murder mystery story.

McFadden shares: “Ernie Fontaine is walking a path loosely aligned with his original career choice in criminal psychology. Instead, she’s an ex-cop turned IP, investigating intertwined cases that may shed light on how she got here and how her ex-fiancé ended up dead instead of working as a criminal prosecutor alongside her.

While the evidence remains elusive in his current investigation, Ernie searches for answers to questions never asked. Relentless in his pursuit but grudgingly increasingly cautious, resourceful and insightful, yet preoccupied with sensitivities he prefers to ignore, Ernie proceeds on a case-by-case basis to expose the person he sees at the center of the crime and the tragedy that surrounds her.

A man, Genovio Palicelli, known as Scorpion, aims to destroy Ernie. Powerful and rich, he plays a deadly game of cat and mouse. He insults her for rejecting him and will settle for nothing less than seeing her dead.

Scorpion has nearly killed Ernie three times. She has almost caught him once. Tense, agonizing and dangerous, the collision draws near.”

Published by Page Publishing, the gripping story of Marie McFadden follows a private investigator as she follows the trail of her fiancé’s cold case with determination and perseverance.

Readers who want to experience this gripping work can purchase “Dodge the Devil: A Case for Ernie Fontaine” at bookstores around the world, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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