Author Shelly Hendricks’ new book, “Whitney’s Blood,” is a compelling story of the search for an heir and dark family secrets that threaten the bloodline.

Shelly Hendricks, a gifted author, has completed her new book “Whitney’s Blood”: a compelling story of a family whose name is on the line.

Shares Hendricks: “The first book in a series, Whitney Blood, takes place near the heart of Vicksburg, Mississippi, at the height of the Civil War. The fate of the Whitney empire rests with Baxter Whitney, and he needs an heir.

He has chosen a very young southern belle, Elise Ewell, to revive the bloodline, but Baxter hopes she will be a submissive wife who will obey him, be strict with the slaves, and above all, stay out of Whitney’s story. Elise is headstrong, difficult to handle, and struggles with the conflict that is about to take place in the country over slavery. In order to keep his family’s secrets, Baxter successfully isolates Elise from her family, church, and friends, but is unable to keep them. she of the servants.

“The plantation breathes death, it has secrets and stories of its own to tell. Elise discovers that the Whitneys have much to hide. In time, she realizes that the manor has a haunted hand of madness upon Baxter, a violent hand that endangers his life, the life of his son and the target for the future of any Whitney blood.”

Published by Page Publishing, Shelly Hendricks’ gripping story takes readers into a poignant historical period where dark secrets and mistakes can tarnish a family’s name.

Readers who want to experience this powerful work can purchase “Whitney’s Blood” at bookstores around the world or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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