DC Confirms Batman’s True Equal Is The Bat-Hero Everyone Ignores

In a preview of the landmark Detective Comics 1050, on sale January 25, Nightwing confirms that Huntress is Batman’s equal.

Warning: contains preview images for Detective Comics #1050!

In a new preview, DC Comics has confirmed that the Huntress is batman true equal in the Bat-Family, despite being its most overlooked member. in a preview of detective comics #1050, Nightwing and the rest of the bat family try to save Huntress from the mysterious newly opened Arkham Tower; Along the way, Nightwing offers his thoughts on Huntress and reveals why Huntress and Batman disagree. The issue, part of the “Shadows of the Bat” story, goes on sale in print and digitally on January 25.

There have been two characters named Huntress in DC Comics, with Helena Bertinelli being the most prominent. Helena, the sole survivor of a gang massacre, grew up seeking revenge. She adopted the name Huntress and has been an ally of Batman ever since; She has also been romantically linked with Nightwing. Last year, Arkham Asylum was destroyed in a coordinated attack, prompting Gotham to launch the new Arkham Tower downtown. Batman is suspicious and the Huntress has gone undercover to uncover the truth about the new Arkham Tower; however, something went terribly wrong and now they must find a way to get Huntress out. detective comics #1050, the fourth part of “The Tower” is written by Mariko Tamaki, illustrated by Ivan Reis, inked by Danny Miki and colored by Brad Anderson.


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As the preview opens, Nightwing reflects on a case from years ago, one he was working on with Batman and Huntress. As Huntress battles the Joker’s goons, Nightwing realizes that Huntress might be Batman’s equal in the bat family. Nightwing theorizes that he and other members of the Bat-Family processed their traumas following a similar path as Batman, that is, they saw Batman’s example and followed him. However, Nightwing believes that Huntress chose her path long before she met Batman. He goes on to say that “maybe that’s why there was always something” between the Huntress and Batman, that they were too much alike to agree.

Cover of Detective Comics 1050

Detective Comics 1050 Preview Cover

Detective Comic 1050 Preview Cover

Cover of Detective Comics 1050

Detective Comics 1050 Preview Cover

Detective Comics 1050 preview page

When discussing prominent members of the Bat-Family, Huntress’s name rarely comes up, instead focusing on Nightwing, Batgirl, or Red Hood. The Huntress rarely gets the credit she’s due, so it’s ironic that Nightwing sees her as a member of the Bat Family. plus as batman. However, his analysis of her is spot on. Like other members of the Bat-Family, the Huntress was born into violence; Seeing her family slaughtered in front of her is pretty much the same trauma young Bruce Wayne endured. However, Huntress’s training and apprenticeship occurred independently of Batman – she found her way into the Bat-family on her own. Batman may not agree with Huntress, but by and large she sticks to his rules and he lets her operate in Gotham.

The Huntress he is the overlooked member of the bat family, but ironically he is the one who most closely resembles Batman himself. If she ever turned bad, rejecting batman no-kill rule, then the Dark Knight and his allies would have a real fight on their hands.

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