The 10 Best Ms. Marvel Comics, Ranked

Ever since G. Willow Wilson introduced the character in 2014, Kamala Khan has become an instant classic in the Marvel Universe. From the streets of Jersey City to the vastness of space, and even across time, the new Ms. Marvel has had many adventures over the years.

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As a polymorphic powerhouse, the Ms. Marvel comics have an excellent blend of heartbreaking action and creative solutions. Wilson, as well as other writers like Saladin Ahmed, have brought readers some terrific Ms. Marvel stories, and with her upcoming Disney+ series, it looks like even more are on the way.

10 Generations: Ms. Marvel and Ms. Marvel see the two superheroes team up

Ms. Marvel joins Classic Ms. Marvel

During the Marvel’s Generations event, several legacy heroes were sent back in time to team up with older versions of their predecessors. For Kamala Khan, she was sent back to a time when Carol Danvers, known at the time as Ms. Marvel, ran a women’s magazine that tackled social and political issues. Kamala, being mistaken for an intern, works closely with Carol throughout the day: both in the newsroom and on the streets as the two Ms. Marvels bond. This adventure gave Kamala a refreshing insight into her mentor, with whom she fell out during the events of second civil war.

9 The Road to War gives readers insight into Kamala’s motivations.

Ms. Marvel in Karachi

Ms. Marvel (2015) #12 shows Kamala leaving Jersey City to visit her family in Karachi, Pakistan. While there, she hopes to have some time to reflect, to unpack the many stresses she left behind at home as she discovers herself. Unfortunately, Kamala would not find the peace she sought that easily.

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Between standing out from her relatives by being too American and bandits blowing up fire hydrants in the midst of a water shortage, the Jersey-born heroine also finds her fair share of trouble in Karachi. This issue allows readers to see how Kamala will deal with her issues in the future, as well as giving them insight into her life as a first-generation Pakistani-American.

8 Crushed leads Ms. Marvel to her first crush and heartbreak

Ms. Marvel and Kamran in an alley

Towards the end of Wilson’s first run of Ms. Marvel, the Khan family was visited by some old family friends, including a boy Kamala’s age named Kamran. It turned out that the two had a lot in common: they played World of Battlecraft, like Bollywood movies, and possessed inhuman powers. Lost in her feelings for her first crush, Kamala couldn’t help but enjoy the feeling that someone understood her for once. Sadly, their feelings were short-lived as Kamran revealed that he was more interested in an inhumane new world order than she was. In crushed, readers see Ms. Marvel deal with heartbreak and betrayal in a sad but relatable way.

7 Generation Why shows readers why Ms. Marvel is an inspiration

Ms. Marvel vs.  The inventor

As Ms. Marvel’s career as Jersey City’s number one superhero begins, she soon finds herself up against a villain known as The Inventor. He kidnaps runaway teenagers and uses their bodies to power his machines, believing this to be the best use for teenagers. If that’s not shocking enough, many of his victims agree with his insane ideology. To win, Ms. Marvel had to do more than just shoot down some robots. I needed to show these children that their lives still mattered and that they were worth fighting for.

6 Ms. Marvel takes on an internet troll in damage per second

Ms. Marvel fights Doc.X on the cover

When Doc.X, a runaway computer virus, discovers the secrets of Kamala and her friends, Ms. Marvel has to shut him down. Since the virus can get in and out of any machine or person it wants, Ms. Marvel uses unorthodox methods to combat it, including encouraging her friend Zoe to confess her feelings to Nakia before Doc.X can. Ultimately, Kamala discovers that the virus learns from the behaviors it observes on the Internet. So, with the help of his World of Battlecraft guild, he manages to spread enough positivity online to subvert Doc.X’s E-vil.

5 Kamala makes an important decision in her relationship with Civil War II

Captain Marvel Comforts Ms. Marvel

When superheroes choose sides on the issue of predictive justice, Ms. Marvel naturally gravitates toward Captain Marvel’s side. So when Carol needs someone to oversee the work of putting predictive justice to the test, Kamala is the first she calls.

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Ms. Marvel accompanies a gang of Carol Cadets as they take to the streets of Jersey City to stop crimes before they happen, and for a while, she feels pretty good about it. Those feelings change when one of his classmates is jailed for thinking of messing with the school’s power grid. In this bond, Ms. Marvel must choose whether to support her mentor or her friends.

4 The Last Days Of Ms. Marvel Shows How Ms. Marvel Faces The End

Cover of The Last Days of Ms. Marvel

During the preparation of Secret Wars, the Last days of Ms. Marvel throw Kamala into an even bigger mess than her own Embiggened. New York City is in chaos, Jersey City is falling apart, and Kamala is caught in the middle, trying to figure out how to help. Ms. Marvel faces her first doomsday event, as well as her first official encounter with her hero: Captain Marvel. In this story, Kamala remembers what really matters, and faces the end with her friends and family as her people come together to fight Armageddon.

3 Magnificent Ms. Marvel presents how much Ms. Marvel has grown

Cover of Ms. Marvel with new outfit

Saladin Ahmed brings a new era of Ms. Marvel in Magnificent Ms. Marvel. This series shows an older and more confident Ms. Marvel. After being an Avenger, facing off against a plethora of supervillains, dealing with a superhero civil war, and building her own superhero team, Kamala is ready to take on any threat from Jersey City and beyond. This is an exciting race with tons of classic superhero debacles like being a part of an alien prophecy or getting your superhero activities banned. This book is proof that Ahmed was an amazing successor to Wilson.

two Teenage Wasteland Reveals Ms. Marvel’s Impact On Others

Cover of Ms. Marvel

Despite being an amazing Ms. Marvel story, youthful desolation It doesn’t really introduce the character that much. Kamala has mysteriously disappeared from Jersey City, along with Ms. Marvel.

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With the city missing its hero, Kamala’s friends Nakia, Zoe, Mike and Gabe decide to step up and fill Ms. Marvel’s giant shoes. The four take turns in disguise, each trying to do what they can to keep the city safe. While Ms. Marvel doesn’t appear much, this story provides amazing insight into the impact she’s had on the city, as well as the people in her life.

one Kamala Khan’s life as a superhero begins without normality

Ms. Marvel fighting in Jersey City

No one can forget Kamala’s debut in Ms. Marvel (2014) #1. This is where his hero’s journey begins, and it showcases everything readers love about the character. Kamala has to deal with the issues of standing out and wanting to be someone different, only to gain powers that allow her to do just that. With her Inhuman powers unlocked by the Terrigen Mist, Kamala discovers that being someone else isn’t as glamorous as she imagined, as well as how great it is to help people. Ms. Marvel is a new heroine with a classic twist, so it’s no wonder this series received an outpouring of support from the start.

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