2022 Annual Program – Announcements

In 2022, HKW is taking an in-depth look at an era that appears to us primarily as a crisis. HKW confronts our fragmented here and now with creative forms of contemporary research.

Paths to planetary collapse
Our societies are being shaken by climate change, declining biodiversity, and resource scarcity. Since 2019, the Anthropocene Working Group (AWG) has been searching various sites around the world for stratigraphic evidence indicating when the Anthropocene planetary transformation process began. With Evidence and Experiment, a series of online events, publications and installations, HKW takes a look at these geological signals and asks what consequences our world’s material shock waves have for the political, economic and social dimensions of our coexistence.

Paths to new alternatives
in his book the dawn of everything (2021), David Graeber and David Wengrow outline a new human story. They unmask the linear model of civilization established over the last three hundred years to legitimize Western violence as a mind trap of modern enlightenment. The conference The question of civilization takes these considerations as the basis for a radical questioning of existing models of civilization. In this way, we can recalibrate Western discourses that are entangled in their own logic by incorporating new insights from the sciences and global approaches to thought and practice.

Can archives enable alternative ideas of the future?
From different artistic positions, the Whole Life Congress Berlin it reflects on archives as sites for counter-narratives and illuminates the many links between archives and society. Can archives be decolonized and can they allow alternative ideas for the future? As part of the congress, the international organization whole life academy You will engage with collaborative methods and formats that relate different collections and archival holdings to one another, test new ways of interpreting archival contexts and archived objects, and create contemporary approaches to historical narratives.

Colonialism and histories of representation
The exhibition Children have to hear another story – Alanis Obomsawin presents works from five decades of activist filmmaking by one of Canada’s most respected artists. Alanis Obomsawin is a member of the Abenaki Nation. His work challenges the central assumptions of the world system determined by colonialism. This exhibition and accompanying book contribute to the current discourse in Europe about histories of performance.

Feminism and cinema
What could a transnational history of non-fiction cinema by and about women look like? Uniting the fields of documentary and artists’ cinema, the exhibition No master territories brings together a plurality of practices to offer an expansive and intersectional account of underrated encounters between feminism and the moving image. Through a polycentric global geography, it delves into how artists and filmmakers have explored the nexus between gender and power, often mapping sites where feminism connects with other struggles for justice.

What does science fiction sound like?
Time travel and space travel, cyborgs and escapism: the cosmic awakening festival asks how visions of the future are transformed into utopian sounds. The festival aims to make science fiction sound, but also to deal with its theories and criticism. It includes concerts, installations, films, conferences and debates.

Cosmology Project combines research and theoretical approaches
At the end of the year, the different projects will culminate with the Cosmology Project, in which the origin narratives, thought patterns, and notions underlying our Western order systems will be confronted with alternative cosmogonies and cosmogrammars.

Using the mediums of the arts and sciences, HKW probes, communicates and presents planetary interrelationships as well as microscopic changes. Bernd Scherer, director of the house since 2006, says goodbye to HKW with the 2022 program. It concludes a cycle of programs, publications and projects that have been developed for more than ten years.

you can find a summary of the annual program for 2022 here.

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