8 Things You Didn’t Know About The Recently Canceled Comic

In early January, DC announced the abrupt cancellation of wonder girl by Joëlle Jones, after just seven issues. No reasons were given for this decision. Of course, the fandom received the news badly. Much was said about Yara Flor’s time in DC history being unfairly shortened, especially considering she’s one of the few female POCs leading a DC comic right now.

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The cancellation announcement included that Yara’s story would continue in Trial of the Amazons: Wonder Girl #1 and #2. However, many believe that Yara deserves her solo story, regardless of her role in this crossover. Hopefully, DC will take fan feedback into account and Yara will return to the pages soon. For now, there is still a lot to learn about this series.

8 She was created entirely by Joëlle Jones

Joëlle Jones is an American artist known for her work on several DC series, such as Catwoman, Supergirl: Being Super, fables, Y Madame Xanadu. Although he has also worked with Marvel, he has been under an exclusive contract with DC since 2016. In addition to creating visual art for comics, Jones also writes his own stories. In fact, Yara Flor is an original character of her own creation.

wonder girl is Jones’s first solo DC series as an author, but she also co-wrote killer lady with Jamie S. Rich. The comic follows Josie Schuller, a perfect wife from Stepford who secretly works as a hitman for the mob. and was published by Dark Horse Comics. Fortunately for Jones fans, Netflix is ​​currently working on a killer lady adaptation directed by Diablo Cody, with Blake Lively as the protagonist.

7 Wonder Girl is Yara Flor, a young Brazilian

yara flower at the airport

The real name of the new Wonder Girl is Yara Flor. Just like Diana is the daughter of Zeus, Yara is also a demigoddess. His mother is an Amazon from the Amazon Rainforest and his father is an Amazon River God. However, Yara doesn’t know about this at all. wonder women earlier issues. She is just a girl who lives in the United States and visits Brazil on a quest to learn more about her own heritage.

wonder girl tells the story of Yara before she became a hero. In the first issue, she is just a normal girl on a trip to Latin America. But once he arrives in Rio de Janeiro, things get complicated. Yara is on the way to discover the truth about herself: she is the protagonist of a prophecy that is shaking the Amazonian world.

6 Yara Flor is the future wonder woman of the state

future state of wonder woman

Although Yara becomes Wonder Girl on Prime Earth, readers first meet her in Dark Nights: Death Metal #7 as Future State Wonder Woman after Diana Prince sacrifices herself for humanity. She only appears for a moment, and is never referred to by the Wonder Woman moniker, but her outfit says it all.

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it’s not until Future State: Wonder Woman for readers to learn more about Yara Flor, the powerful demigoddess. future state: Wonder Woman features Yara as she travels to the Underworld to rescue Potira the Amazon from the God of Death. This story showcases Yara’s courage and solidarity with her Amazonian sisters, two key qualities the next Wonder Woman must have.

5 Wonder Girl’s weapons have Latin American roots

Her divine heritage enhances Yara’s strength, speed, and reflexes. But, in addition to this, she is an outstanding fighter with melee weapons. Yara’s weapon of choice is her sword. According to Jones, this weapon is based on an Amazonian spearhead found at an anthropological site to give Yara a real connection to her Brazilian heritage.

In addition to her sword, Yara uses the Boladoras de Oro, a throwing weapon made of rope, inspired by a tool used by the Incas and Mapuches to capture cattle in pre-Columbian times. Yara Flor’s creator has stated that Golden Bolas is Yara’s own version of the Lasso of Truth. However, he also says that the Bolas are even more powerful.

4 Yara’s outfit is inspired by Barbarella, Balenciaga and… Beyonce?!

barbarella poster

According to Joëlle Jones, Yara’s physical image was based on the beautiful Brazilian model Suyane Moreira. However, Yara’s outfit was also inspired by other fashion icons. For example, her gold metallic boots. They come directly from Balenciaga’s design, but they also remind comic book fans, and Jones herself, of Barbarella, the main character from the comic book series of the same name.

The author explained that she approached Yara’s costume carefully, making sure it was revealing but not skimpy, a balance she found in Beyoncé’s outfits. On this, she commented “[Beyoncé’s] Performance costumes, to me, have a lot of power behind the silhouettes. If there is sexuality in it, she owns it; It’s hers.” Beyoncé’s commanding presence and powerful demeanor were the main inspirations for Yara Flor’s fashion.

3 Yara Flor is not the first Wonder Girl

Donna Troy and Cassie Sandsmark as Wonder Girl

Yara Flor is not the first Wonder Girl in DC continuity. The mantle belonged to two different women before her. First, Donna Troy, an orphaned girl who was brought to Themyscira by Wonder Woman after rescuing her from a fire. and whose origin story has changed a couple of times. Then Cassandra Sandsmark, a demigoddess who wears the sandals of Hermes and the gauntlet of Atlas (and who actually appears in the Jones movie). wonder girl.)

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Although she is the third woman to win the title of Wonder Girl, Yara Flor is just as important as the first two iterations of this heroine. Her well-crafted Brazilian heritage makes her a great example of positive representation for Latinxs in comics, especially Brazilians. Hopefully fans will be able to see her soon in new titles.

two The Wonder Girl TV show was also canceled

Yara Flor and Jerry

By the end of 2020, The CW announced plans to produce a new wonder girl series with Yara Flor as the protagonist. The show was supposed to follow Yara as she learns about her own power and takes on the mantle of Wonder Girl. Writer and producer Dailyn Rodríguez was already working on the script.

Sadly, the project was canceled a couple of months later, and The CW moved on to new shows, like the recently released One. Naomi Y The Powerpuff Girls live action reboot. Regarding its cancellation, Rodríguez commented on Twitter that unfortunately “it was not meant to be.” A pity, considering that the wonder girl The series would have been the first Arrowverse series with a Latinx main character, as well as the first with a member of the Wonder Fam. Hopefully, Rodriguez’s script won’t be forgotten forever.

one There’s still hope for more Wonder Girl


Unfortunately, fate has not been kind to Yara Flor. So far, the new Wonder Girl has missed two big opportunities. First, his CW series died before it started, and then his solo series was cancelled. However, comic book fans know that nothing is forever, especially considering the Multiverse. Although wonder girl has been officially cancelled, Yara Flor will appear at the next Wonder Woman event, Trial of the Amazons.

On top of this, Yara is a compelling character. Many fans identify with his story. Although he is a recent addition to the comics, he already has a decent fanbase fighting for his character. Although Joëlle Jones has yet to comment on Yara’s future, she clearly loves the character. There are reasons to believe that Yara will return as Wonder Girl sooner or later. She wouldn’t be the first character to make a glorious comeback after a bad time in DC Comics history.

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