A Final Fantasy 14 Fan Creates a Game-Inspired Map of Oceania to Celebrate the Launch of a New Data Center

To accompany the release of the Oceania Data Center in Final Fantasy 14, a talented fan draws a map of the region using the game’s art style.

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final fantasy 14 released its latest patch today, billed as a balance patch that brought sweeping changes and number tweaks to the game’s combat jobs. However, stimulated by Final Fantasy 14 growth from shadow bearersand to alleviate the inconvenience of Oceania fans playing in European, American or Japanese regions, Square Enix has introduced the new Oceania-based data center.

Dubbed “Matter,” this new data center contains five new worlds for players to choose from: Bismarck, Ravana, Sephiroth, Sophia, and Zurvan. Interestingly, most of the worlds are named after deities (and primitives introduced in to the sky) of the Meracidian continent. For those familiar with the geography of final fantasy 14Meracydia’s status as the land below makes this an inspired choice.


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A talented fan in the final fantasy 14 The community under the name Scion-7-Dawn showed their own appreciation for incorporating Materia by drawing the Oceania region as a map inspired by the game’s art style. The map features Australia and New Zealand, with all of their major landmarks such as Uluru faithfully depicted as hypothetical areas in the game.

final fantasy 14 world map oceania data center fanart

Some players from Oceania have reacted to the post with friendly jokes, pointing out the accidental absurdity of Australia’s capital Canberra being depicted as a random little place like Xelphatol, with New Zealand’s Wellington meeting the same fate. There has been a recent trend of fans recreating real-world locations using a game’s particular art style, such as one world of warcraft fan drawing the American states.

Overall, the launch of the Oceania servers has been met with resounding relief and praise from gamers living in the region, citing that for the first time in years they would be able to connect to a data center and have their connection quality catalogued. as “excellent”. It’s the first step in Square Enix’s plan to expand its server capacity, with the next stage involving an expansion of European and US data centers, as well as the introduction of inter-data center travel.

To help populate the new servers, Square Enix has introduced incentives for Final Fantasy 14 players who use the free transfer to the Materia data center, such as two weeks of subscription, one million gil, silver and gold Chocobo feathers, and more. Not that players in Oceania need any extra incentive, as the vast majority have flocked to the new worlds with enthusiasm to claim clever character names and premium housing plots.

final fantasy 14 It is available now for PC, PS4 and PS5.

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