Paul Ramey’s New Book ‘The Ibex That Couldn’t Climb’ Is a Wonderful Tale That Teaches Everyone the Significance of Believing in Themselves

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Fulton Books author Paul Ramey, a quality manager for a manufacturing company who enjoys writing poetry and short stories, has completed his most recent book “The Ibex That Couldn’t Climb”: a fun and insightful picture book that encourages readers to stop feeding their minds with negativities . Words are powerful and whatever a person says about his being is what the mind will end up perceiving. So, in this meaningful fable, the author encourages his readers to not doubt their capabilities.

Ramey shares, “The inspiration for The Ibex That Couldn’t Climb came to the author while he was watching a nature program about this very amazing animal. Realizing he did not know the specifics of this particular animal, he decided, ‘This is a wonderful message and learning opportunity and should be brought to the minds of children, including the grandkids.’ With that inspiration, Paul set out lovingly writing this children’s story for his grandsons, Mason and Tyson, and the rest of the world. The powerful message of knowing our very words we utter out loud or think about ourselves in our heads, in our minds, defines the individual who we become over time blends well with the storyline about the young ibex and her struggles with her own perception of her. abilities. If we tell ourselves we can, we can. If we tell ourselves we can’t, we won’t. Once the wise owl comes and explains the impact of her thoughts and words upon her abilities, the kid ibex is freed from her own self-imposed limitations and filled with the realization that she was holding herself back all along. Now free, the ibex sends a message of self-confidence to her readers. This message is universal and applies to young as well as old. This message is one we all could stand to learn and relearn to help be the best we can be.”

Published by Fulton Books, Paul Ramey’s book is a good way to build a child’s confidence and determination as early as now.

Moreover, it also serves as a reminder to adult individuals to not limit themselves. Self-confidence and self-love will surely take someone to places.

Readers who wish to experience this delightful work can purchase “The Ibex That Couldn’t Climb” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.

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Paul Ramey’s New Book ‘The Ibex That Couldn’t Climb’ Is a Wonderful Tale That Teaches Everyone the Significance of Believing in Themselves

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