Ed ‘Mowes’ | With the support of STIHL – December

In a new online series, club partner STIHL is giving fans exclusive insight into the inner workings of the Leicester Tigers outfield staff team.

Head gardener Ed Mowe gives you a glimpse of what the grounds crew has been up to over the holiday month.

Wednesday, December 1 – Friday, December 3

In the mid-week buildup at Oval Park, Field 2 was marked, along with Rake and Rake Releases 1 and 3. The first team trained at Mattioli Woods Welford Road on the Friday before the Harlequins game, and we finished the pitch before putting up flags and post guards in place, before moving the lighting equipment off the pitch.

DAY | Sunday December 5 | Tigres v Quins

Game day begins with marking the pitch with ropes and includes double mowing, mowing the perimeter of the pitch with the STIHL RM 655 RS rear roller mower, and setting up the flags and post guards.

Come on Tigers!

Tuesday, December 7 – Friday, December 10

Another victory for the boys is followed by a well deserved day off for the team. We are back in the stadium cleaning the grass and paths, raking up the rubber crumb and repairing the damaged areas with seeds.

The Oval Park fields are also treated for damage with a low temperature turf seed, and the team returns to the stadium for team practice. After the session, the team cleaned up the pitch with a rotary mower and started making chops. A weekend off in the country while the boys travel to France for the Champions Cup. Bring home the points guys!

Monday December 13 – Saturday December 18

Preparation for the final home game of 2021 began at Oval Park, where Fields 1 and 3 were treated with a slow-release fertilizer, while we used a fungicide to help prevent disease outbreaks in the stadium. Due to the warmer and wetter conditions, disease pathogens will be active on the grass plant.

Friday’s practice session at the stadium wrapped up the week before light preparation on Saturday ahead of Sunday’s game.

DAY | Sunday December 19 | Tigers v Connacht Rugby

Europe returns for an early start, with most of the work done by the field team the day before. The Tigers maintain their 100% record in the competition and the field crew cleans up debris and repair work. JOIN THE TIGERS!

Monday December 20 – Monday December 31

With the holiday festivities just days away, the team began cleanup work at the stadium, seeding the entire field with low-temperature ryegrass using a tractor and dimple planter. No game until the new year, we move the lighting pads instead.

Attention turned to Oval Park on the 21st with all pitches aerated. Continuous digging and fertilization of the field help with winter growth and regeneration.

On Christmas Eve, the team trains at the stadium and as we head into the new year, the pitch is sprayed with a penetrant to aid the movement of water across the pitch profile.

A well deserved meat pie and a glass of sherry! I hope everyone had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Ed and his team’s monthly log will be available next week from club partner STIHL. To find out more about STIHL’s product range, visit their website at the link below.

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