Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker is the best Square Enix MMO ever

The last Final Fantasy XIV The expansion had fans so excited that the servers could barely contain it, and with good reason. walker has had considerable success with both fans and critics and has only made FFXIV more popular. While the server issues were inconvenient, it shows just how stellar the story and gameplay are, never mind the new soundtrack. Overall, it’s a great summary of the long history of The Source and the Ascians that have been plaguing it ever since. a kingdom reborn.

Final Fantasy XIV has followed the story of the Ascians, a small group from an ancient world, which has led to the discovery of all kinds of secrets and conspiracies, even leading to all-out war. end walker The story is the culmination of the Scion’s work to keep Eorzea from avoiding the Final Days and discovering the true nature of the world. Along the way, there are cool new dungeons and trials to experience, as well as new areas, races, and side stories. It’s not always a perfect journey, few games are. But the tight story and gameplay improvements make up for it.

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Moment with Y'shtola in Endwalker

One of the biggest complaints about the expansion had nothing to do with its content, but rather the influx of new and returning players due to ffxiv of current hype. When early access went live for those who pre-ordered, the servers became overloaded, leading to long login queues and lockouts for many, especially those on high population servers. Wait times have since decreased, but may increase again now that account registration and game sales resume. If anything, this issue is more a testament to how good walker Y FFXIV are in general.

walker it has quite a bit in terms of actual content, most of which is tied to the story. starts where shadow bearers The subsequent story ended, investigating new Ascian plans and dealing with a significant threat that could end the world of Eorzea, as well as others. shadow bearers he had quite a bit of praise for his story, although he had his share of problems. walker fixed this roller coaster pace with its lows only near the beginning of the expansion. Things improve quickly once explanations of the new lore and some unnecessary extra commentary are out of the way. As always, the new lore builds on what has been established before, but adds a few twists that are brand new and will make players want to know more while also tugging at heartstrings.

This time, there are various emotional points not only in the events with the characters, but also in the general theme of the story. It’s a heavy story that focuses on loss, bonds forged, existential dread and growth, but end walker The darkest moments contrast well with the sweetest. Even when the story is darker, the Scion’s roles add the right amount of strength and hope to get the point across without feeling overwhelming. Everything that happens throughout the expansion builds up into the final area, not just the final boss, which is a very dark place that tells its own story. There are also hints of other connections along the way that may surprise players and could provide some great side stories or more insights for the future.

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Elpis' past world in Endwalker

As part of this new journey, players will be able to experience many new locations, both previously mentioned places like Sharlayan and completely new areas. At first this may seem disjointed, but it all comes back to tie into the main story. Each area is distinct with a unique tone, dictated by its appearance, musical scores, and story setting. For example, Sharlayan is a large town with structures players have seen in Idyllshire, with soothing colors and a beautiful seaside setting. However, its buildings are more modern and the city has a sense of urgency, dictated by how busy its scholars and inhabitants have been throughout history.

There are many new characters in walker, too, as well as some old friends and fan favorites. These characters help shed light on the mysteries and have their own arcs and growth, which makes them feel more important. While walker ends ffxiv of story with Scions and Ascians, still leaves plenty of room for future adventures in the series.

For those who are not in the story, walker It still has a lot of content to explore, but those who purchase Job Boosts or Scenario Skips may have some difficulty in Duties. ffxiv of The difficulty of duty builds throughout the expansions, introducing a variety of mechanics as players progress, and walker it’s no different. The new dungeons and trials provide a good level of challenge from their bosses, with the new Pandemonium raids being the most difficult. Players will need to master their mechanics and footwork to be successful. The usual systems are also in place, such as Tomestones, FATES, Gemstones, and the next level of crafting and gathering, giving players plenty to do outside of the story.

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Zenos as the Reaper class in FFXIV

Of course, the big draw for returning players is the two new classes, which have been mostly successful. The Reaper and Sage classes can be unlocked at level 70 and have their own quest lines, just like other classes. Sages are the new healers and have a playstyle that is mostly focused on shields and damage output, though they do have a fair amount of traditional healing. They can be hard to get used to and because they start at level 70 it can be challenging to get used to and start a duty.

Reaper is a very stylish new DPS class with a Dark Knight-like aesthetic. It has a hack ‘n slash style of gameplay that is fast paced and feels great to play. Much of the hype for the Sage class has died down since its announcement, but the Reaper is still pretty popular everywhere. There’s also a lot of excitement for the new playable male Viera, as it was previously a female-only race.

There have been a few other minor changes to the game that have, for the most part, been significant improvements, such as the addition of a map for Aethernet fast travel in cities and optimization of some class abilities. Preparing is also a bit easier, as players receive free armor for reaching a certain point at the end of the story, helping them prepare for more challenging trials and the new raid.

General, walker is not only the perfect summary of what has been a long and fun journey in Final Fantasy XIV but a great addition to games in general. It tells a story that has so much more meaning in exploring a genuine fear that most people face at some point. It’s exciting to explore and learn about the larger world that brings you together, especially alongside such great and well-written characters. It doesn’t hurt that this expansion has a pretty good soundtrack to do all of this too. Whether you’re a veteran player, a new fan getting up to speed, Final Fantasy XIV: walker It is a ride worth experiencing.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker It is available now for PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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