Folk Comics React to Boris Johnson, Partygate and Birthday Cake


Everyone in Britain who can access a television screen or has BBC iPlayer on their phone will tune in to Boris Johnson for Prime Minister’s Question Time today. It is not unreasonable to suggest that this could end up being boris johnsonThe last term as Prime Minister, depending on what happens next. And it’s all because of a Colin The Caterpillar birthday cake.

Rewind. In the last month, the Conservative Government of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has been divided by allegations that, during the 2020 lockdowns, the government flouted its own rules and held a series of parties in Downing Street and other government buildings. While people couldn’t see their loved ones, even in their last days, and couldn’t even attend funerals, the government was having a great time. Initial denials have been shot down by repeated media investigations, and every few days there have been details of more shenanigans. Boris Johnson found himself in the unbearable position of having to apologize to the Queen for parties held the night of her late husband’s funeral, where she sat alone in the church pews. Whether it was government employees being dispatched to local supermarkets to fill suitcases with booze to cross Westminster, party invitations being sent out and, last but not least, Boris Johnson throwing a birthday party for himself with dozens in attendance, no all of whom he was working with. And with alcohol, food from the Marks & Spencer party, and a birthday cake, there have been extreme reactions as details of these events leak out over the days, with each media organization finding its own story. who breaks the rules to expose. Press secretaries have resigned over their role, a Conservative MP has crossed the floor to join the Labor Party over this, and others are expected.

This came to a head Channel 4 News last night when conor burns parliamentary became an instant meme by claiming that Boris Johnson was ambushed by a birthday cake, prompting people to mention episodes of brass eye Y the thickness of it.

An internal government report being made by an official sue gray he is expected to present a report today, and all members of the government have been passing the buck to say that they are waiting for the report. But that may have been trumped by a police investigation into the same matters. But if Boris Johnson is not exonerated by Sue Grey, he will most likely have to resign, or there will be a leadership challenge within the Conservative Party, which could replace him as leader and Prime Minister.

The Conservative Party, which has been consistently ahead in the polls, is now consistently behind, and no replacement Conservative candidate seems to change those poll numbers. It will be Rishi Sunak? It will be liz truss? It will be miguel gove? Or, given his ability to ignore everything, will he remain Boris Johnson? Naturally, comics people want to have their say.

After UK Government Secretary for Culture Nadine Dorries he tweeted: “So when people in an office buy a cake in the middle of the afternoon for someone else they’re working with in the office and stop for ten minutes to sing happy birthday and then go back to their desks, this is now called a party?”, Neil Gaiman quote tweeted it, adding: “So when you just walk up to a Victorian sex worker in the East End in the middle of the night and stop for ten minutes to stab and disembowel her and then go back to the Palace this is now called a murder? “

  • Gary Frank: He was ambushed by a cake. He certainly suffered under the cake. Stop moaning. You love it.
  • Andy Khouri: Gary. This is not a trivial matter.
  • James Delano: Having your cake and lying about it… It’s the lying part that should catch him. But I don’t think that’s likely.
  • Mike Collins: When my youngest son got married in 2020 after delays and restrictions, only the two moms could be in the registry office, the dads were left outside in the cold, unable to be a part of it. To hell with Boris and his birthday treats. They don’t understand how angry we all are.
  • Boris Johnson: “I haven’t seen evidence that the conspirators were blackmailed”, well, he didn’t realize he was at a party for 20 minutes, so his observation skills aren’t great.
  • Andy Digle: People who are not from the UK, wondering WTF…? We wouldn’t be so angry if the police hadn’t used the same law that Boris broke to arrest attendees of a peaceful candlelight vigil for Sarah Everard. She was falsely arrested under this law, kidnapped, raped and murdered. By a police officer.
  • Peter Hogan: If the Cabinet is “supporting” Boris Johnson, then they too should resign. None of them have scruples of any kind.
  • James Delano: If you’ve never seen “The Death of Stalin,” now might be a good time to do so.
  • Steven Grant: I’m not sure there is NOT a right time to do it. Are you talking about Boris? (Coverage is patchy here.)
  • James Delano: I prefer to call it The Liar Boris Johnson. 😉 But yes, I take your first point.
  • robe williams: Guys, I’m starting to think I might be a little quick and loose with the truth, our Prime Minister.
  • PJ Holden: Their inherent “individual exceptionalism” made this impossible, and they assumed that the people would be exactly the same, somehow thinking that they, the Tories as the party in power, were a good representation of the people. But they are not. Not even remotely.
  • AlexPaknadel: It is *possible* to not want Boris Johnson to be prime minister anymore *and* worry about Russia invading Ukraine at the same time. Most of us can walk and chew gum.
  • John Lees: Yeah, I hate the “There’s a crisis in the Ukraine and you’re all focused on the PM’s latest fiasco” complaint, as if we’re to blame for watching the stinking garbage fire instead of him for setting it.
  • Fraser Campbell: I find apologists for Johnson’s party particularly offensive in this context. People are not mad about the cake. And, of course, this is before I touch on the point that who in his right mind would want Johnson to lead us through a military engagement?
  • John Lees: Sadly, I imagine there is a not-quite-insignificant demographic that is thinking right now, “What we need right now is a good war, that will get the public to come together and get behind Boris again.”
  • Fraser Campbell: The rolling-eyed madness of wanting a wigged blancmange to guide you into battle. Of course, it helps if you’re not the one dying.

Question Time with the Prime Minister begins in an hour and a half, where Boris Johnson will question Kier Starmer, other members of the opposition and his own party. He brings the cake.

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