What song is in the Final Fantasy Origin trailer and who sings it

Final Fantasy Origin isn’t the first FF to use a pop classic, and the latest Stranger of Paradise trailer features the 1960s song “My Way.”

The final trailer for Stranger from Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin took an interesting approach, using the song “My Way” in the second half of the teaser. Promotional movie trailers have made excellent use of recognizable songs for years. When a familiar song is played over thematically appropriate imagery, it can evoke a host of feelings and associations that set the tone of the film, so it’s nice to see this approach in a video game.

In many ways, the new trailer for origin of final fantasy it’s even weirder than the original. Using a late 1960s American pop classic in a Japanese video game trailer might seem like an odd juxtaposition. There is already a precedent for the use of popular music in the Final Fantasy franchise, though. final fantasy 15, the most recent numbered entry in the series, featured a version of the early 1960s hit “Stand By Me”, performed by English rock group Florence and the Machine.


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For him origin of final fantasy trailer, Square Enix opted for the original version of “My Way”, sung by Frank Sinatra. The song’s timeless lyrics feature the singer looking back on a life of choices and knowing that despite mistakes and regrets, they were true to themselves. This makes Sinatra’s “My Way” an ideal match for headstrong hero Jack, whose drive for “kill chaos” has already become a frequent meme, and whose deliberate determination to preserve his memories is also explored in the new trailer.

Sinatra’s “My Way” Pairs With Final Fantasy Origins Themes And Gameplay

Who Sings My Way in Final Fantasy Origins Trailer - Stranger in Paradise Final Fantasy Origins Frank Sinatra and Jack

The previous trailer for the game already revealed that origin of final fantasy is a remake of the original NES Final Fantasy game that started the franchise. Source recreate Final Fantasy ironic drawbridge scene and seems to retell the story of the Warriors of Light setting out to rescue Princess Sarah from the evil Garland. Along with its unexpected use of Sinatra’s signature song, the trailer confirmed the classic Final Fantasy the boss monsters will return, dropping the name of both Tiamat and the Lich. It also hinted at story elements not present in the original NES era. Final Fantasy. The protagonist, Jack, is a “Strange”, someone who is not native to the world in which the game takes place. Their memories are evidently in jeopardy, as both he and Sarah repeatedly mention that they may not remember each other once the adventure is over.

The fast action game stranger from paradise is a departure from the turn-based original, although the developers promise origin of final fantasy It will include options for old-school fans who don’t regularly play action games. Including a pop standard like “My Way” in the trailer is another way the new game sets itself apart. It is currently unclear if the Sinatra classic will be used solely in the trailer for origin of final fantasy, or if it will also appear in the game. based on final fantasy 15 Using the “Stand By Me” cover both in promotional material and at pivotal moments in the game, there’s a good chance “My Way” will be in the final product. Licensing a song solely for the trailer and not for the game itself would be a strange choice.

Beyond the obvious connections between the lyrics and the character of Jack, the song also relates to the gameplay of origin of final fantasy. like the first Final Fantasy, Source includes the ability to choose a job class, allowing the player to get closer to combat”their way.” Although the total number of job classes has not been confirmed, the developers promise strangers in paradise will have more jobs than final fantasy 5, which was heavily focused on the job system and contained over 20 job classes. the demonstration of origin of final fantasy featured six job classes, meaning the final version of the game could have three or four times as many.

Listening to Frank Sinatra My way Replaying footage from a Japanese AAA video game can be surreal for some. Seems like an appropriate choice for the high-concept game that Stranger from Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is presented as one celebrating 35 years of the seriesthe anniversary in its own unique way.

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