Fantasy Football Fans Should Be Excited About The 2022 NFL Draft WR Class

The 2022 NFL Draft lacks depth at some positions, but here’s why fantasy football fans should be excited about the wide receiver class this year.

Just like last year, fantasy football players should be excited about this class of wide receivers. We saw several rookie WRs last year for fantasy football players like Ja`Marr Chase, Jaylen Waddle, and Devonta Smith. This year we got to see some of the same and dismiss the notion that the rookie WR can’t produce for fantasy football.

In the 2022 NFL Draft, we could see five WRs selected in the first round or at least in the top 45 (which will adjust fantasy football rankings when it comes to WRs overall). With the NFL in flux, the passing game has come to the fore. Using rookie WR as a high-end option is no longer a problem. We see teams throwing them to the wolves and watching them flourish.

All three, Chase, Waddle and Smith, turned out to be amazing fantasy football picks. Most of you got them for pennies on the dollar. Like last year, the SEC could dominate the top spots for WRs in rookie fantasy drafts.

This year we have another great crop of WRs who can make an instant impact on the fantasy. Some of which is sheer necessity, the other is just the amount of depth and talent. Drake London, Garrett Wilson, Jameson Williams, Treylon Burks and Chris Olave could end up in the top 45 picks. Not to mention the possibility that teams will overlook George Pickens’ injury and bet on their advantage.

With several teams in the NFL looking for a true No. 1 WR, this draft could show itself, and you could get more cheap rookie WRs in the draft. If you’re in a dynasty league, I’d push for as many top 30 picks as you can get if you’re struggling in the WR category.

None of the best WRs should end up on a team where they are not used properly. With the exception of Toney, nearly every WR drafted in the first two rounds produced his draft spot for fantasy dynasty or re-draft.

Where will the top WRs land in the 2022 NFL Draft?

We see at least three rookie WRs finish in the top 25 for WRs in the NFL next year as far as fantasy goes with the many styles and sizes we have in this draft.

Expect various teams to attack WRs like New Orleans, Green Bay, Buffalo, New York Giants, New York Jets, Atlanta Falcons, Houston Texans, and Las Vegas Raiders. Which could push him to take some WR a little earlier. This is good news for fantasy owners, no one is going to overreach for a WR and not use them while they are healthy.

There’s more than enough depth in WR to make dynasty players salivate, and for the re-draft, I wouldn’t hesitate to take one over their current slot.

Fantasy is about having the best, most consistent players, and teams no longer let the rookie WR sit around waiting. They are furiously untying them and letting them go. This is both good and bad because it’s sink or swim, you could end up drafting one like Jalen Regor or drafting the next best WR like Ja`Marr Chase.

It can go either way, but with this crop, I expect most of them to be used early and often. Part of this is due to teams and draft slots, the other half is due to teams starting to prove that the rookie WR can do anything the veterans can.

We will also have several players, who can play both slots and WR2 on day one.

Now, I wouldn’t come away giving much value for a first-round pick, but if he needs a WR, I’d value picks more than the current players he has. We’ve got a good mix of players in this draft to meet your needs whether you’re PPR, extra points for long sacks, or touchdown bonuses. We have possession guys like Burks. Do it all, London line boys, and speed boys like Williams and Wilson.

If you have a first-round pick in Dynasty, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t consider one of these top-tier WRs.

In the re-draft leagues, I wouldn’t go after any of them unless they have a favorable landing spot, until around the fourth round. There are still a lot of risks when it comes to a rookie WR, but missing out on a Justin Jefferson or Ja’Marr Chase could cost him dearly no matter what format he plays.

There will be a lot of depth in the middle rounds, so focus on them as it fits your league rating. If you end up with two rookie WRs on your roster, I wouldn’t be mad, but I’d keep them and trade them at the deadline once you’re in playoff position.

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