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NEW YORK, Jan. 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Publishing a book is no easy feat, and then selling it on Amazon and making it to the top 500 spot in Crimes and Mystery Science Fiction section is an even bigger task. But Alan Fleischauer has done it with his book about him. The book that was released in 2021 has now swept many readers off their feet.

When Mr. Fleischauer had a stroke many years ago, it turned out to be a revelation, and he started writing his first book. He soon published many fictional and inspirational books, and even one illustrated children’s book for his first granddaughter by him. Although he has established himself as an exceptional award-winning writer, he has also been a financial advisor for the past 35 years. He considers this his main job but also pursues a passion for writing.

Coming to his latest masterpiece, just die, it is a unique story of Jake Silver, a financial advisor who has a stroke, much like Mr. Fleischauer. However, as a result of his stroke, Jake gains the power to point a finger at any human or animal and cause them to die on the spot. Jake chooses to use his new power to make his country and his world a better place to live for everyone.

The book is a must-read. It’s an incredible thriller full of unexpected twists and turns, inviting the reader on a journey of morality and of good versus evil. True to form, Fleischauer named Jake after a golden retriever of his who passed away, and he, therefore, feels a deeper connection with the main protagonist. Perhaps this is the reason why so many readers are touched by its story and the positive reviews on Amazon are proof of that.

Although the book involves some supernatural powers, it is in no way filled with monsters from a fictional world. It takes place in the real world. Fleischauer has based the story in various cities in the US some close to where he lives, so his world feels relatable. He drives the realism home by introducing politics, current affairs, and economic conditions to provide a setting that readers can visualize. This way, everyone will have an easier time focusing on the story and its message rather than learning complex names of fictional people, locations, and languages.

To find out more about the story, people will have to read Alan’s book, which is now available on Amazon.com or on Mr. Fleischauer’s own website: Ealanfleischauer.com. The journey of Jake Silver and the choices that lie ahead of him make for a compelling page-turner—something especially welcome when things are so tough around the globe and everyone needs interesting stories to provide them with a fun diversion. A feature like this is enticing to the readers, and the book’s ranking on Amazon speaks volumes about it.

Mr. Fleischauer hopes that his readers will see the main character as someone they can relate to as he struggles with overwhelming emotions in times of crisis. He’s certain that the book has a great story suited for adaptation into a feature-length film with a star cast. Given the overwhelming response that his books always receive, it’s no wonder that Mr. Fleischauer is aiming for the stars with his most recent work.

E. Alan Fleischauer is a rare combination of literary prowess and business acumen. Besides writing and managing money, he has a keen interest in music and plays in a classic rock band as drummer and lead singer. He’s an award-winning poet as well, for his work Suicide is Forever. And he received the Chanticleer International’s Laramie Award First Prize for his first book rescuedthe best traditional Western of 2019. That book now belongs to a five-part series featuring JT Thomas.

With the most recent installation in E. Alan Fleischauer’s bibliography showing his growing writing prowess, suffice to say that we can expect many more great stories from him.

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