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From right to left: Tiala Imchen, the author, Reverend Sentisashi Aier, Pastor of Kohima Ao Baptist Church and Reverend I Wati Jamir, Pastor of Dimapur Ao Baptist Church during the launch of the book “ABAM Ar?khudongtem (The Vanguards ABAM)” at DABA’s Z?in Ki at Duncan Basti Dimapur on January 31.

Tiala Imchen’s eighth book release ‘ABAM Arükhudongtem’

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dimapur | January 31

How did Ao Baptist Arogo Mungdang (ABAM), one of the Baptist church associations in Nagaland, come about, and who was instrumental in bringing the association to its current state?

Among others, these are some questions answered in a new book by Tiala Imchen titled ‘ABAM Arükhudongtem’ (The Vanguards of ABAM) published here on DABA’s Züin Ki, at Duncan Basti Dimapur on January 31st.

This is the author’s eighth book in the Ao Naga language, covering historical narratives, biographies, and other topics.

‘ABAM Arükhudongtem’ was formally launched by Reverend Sentisashi Aier, pastor of Kohima Ao Baptist Church and current president of ABAM.

Sharing about the book, Imchen noted that with the happiness that in the 150th year of the advent of Christianity in Nagaland, he was able to publish the book that highlights the key people who led ABAM, including the early years under the American missionary until 1955. , and from then on by the local ‘vanguards’.

He reported that he began his investigation in March 2020 and took 2 years, with the COVID-19 pandemic affecting the pace of work.

In addition to the early years (1872-1955), the book focused on 6 Executive Secretaries of ABAM starting in 1955, after the transfer of leadership to local leaders, after the departure of the American missionaries.

The book reviews the works of six executive secretaries, from the first, Rev. L Kijung, to Rev. Dr. Mar Atsongchanger, the previous incumbent.

It tells the story of the association and can also serve as good role models, Imchen said.

Among others, he highlighted some achievements during the 150-year journey, including the Mission to the borderlands in 1925, during the golden jubilee year with Late Semsalemzung as the first missionary.

In the centenary year, ABAM opened the first theological college in Nagaland – Clark Theological College in 1972, first in Impur and then moved to the current location in Aolijen.

Another achievement was ABAM’s fight for liquor ban in 1989, first in Mokokchung and then throughout Nagaland through the Nagaland Association of Baptist Churches (NBCC).

Impur’s christening as “Jerusalem of Nagaland” by NBCC in 2018 was another feat, as was the international missionary movement in more than 10 countries, Imchen noted.

ABAM now consists of 166 churches and 9 fellowships, not only in Nagaland but across India, he added.

Chairing the launch program, Rev. I Wati Jamir, Pastor of Dimapur Ao Baptist Church, shared about the difficulty of publishing one book, let alone 8. He also considered writing as a passion and an exercise for the benefit of others. .

In publishing the book, Reverend Sentisashi Aier noted that the book was a need of the hour and that “the right work at the right time is the most satisfying” given the Sesquicentennial celebration scheduled for November in Impur.

She also noted the glowing reviews she received from others regarding Imchen’s earlier works, adding that the author, she learned, was a great storyteller, hard-working and persistent from her childhood.

Aier also noted the mismatch between the market and the readership for publishing any book, particularly in the local language, noting that the publication of the eighth book was a great achievement.

It can be used as a reference book in the future, he added.

The editor, Tir Yimyim, K Temjen Jamir also praised the great achievement of the author. He also pointed out that reading and writing had a great impact on the 150 years of progress and development of ABAM, but lamented that the culture of reading is declining.

He also noted that despite limited economic viability, writers, including print media, continue to profess, driven by a burning desire to share and inform.

To rediscover the culture of reading, Jamir also called for buying books and sharing with others during the festive seasons.

Likewise, Sentisangba Aier, Vice President of Ao Senso Telongjem Dimapur, said that books are being published and praised the author for nurturing her talent despite many challenges.

He also called for branching out into audiobooks or podcasts in addition to publishing.

Meanwhile, it is reported that the book, which costs Rs 600 each, will be available at Clark Literature House in Mokokchung; and Tir YImyim Office, Dimapur Supermarket. You can also contact 9856330111 and 9436426770/7005704523 in Kohima and 9436267243 and 9856072258 in Dimapur for copies of the book.

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