Final Fantasy XIV Players Should Learn Other Jobs

FFXIV players must learn other jobs and roles to improve their teamwork by gaining a better understanding of the fundamentals of the game.

Players only need one character to try each job on Final Fantasy XIV, however, some users decide to stick to one role. Each work feels unique and has a drastically different rotation that fans can spend hours perfecting. Unlike most other MMORPGs that require you to create another character to play each class, enjoying a new experience is as simple as equipping the associated job crystal. Each of the three main roles (Healer, Tank, and DPS) offer fans a different style of play. players in FFXIV they must learn other jobs and roles to improve their teamwork, by gaining a better understanding of the fundamentals of the game.


By reaching level 30 in a base class, adventurers can get their crystal job. This gives players access to new and stronger abilities that become progressively more complex throughout the game. Obtaining all the crystals is rewarding because adventurers can discover some of the best stories for jobs in Final Fantasy XIV. There are many options for adventurers that have been added to each role over the years.

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Some fans choose to play only one or two jobs and have never tried other classes. activities in FFXIV they are challenged with a group, and by knowing each class in the group, players can cooperate effectively to win the fight. Even if fans have kept up with each work from the beginning, there are now 19 different options in the game and walker brought major changes to most jobs. Adventurers should, at a minimum, familiarize themselves with all three roles to better support their teammates.

Each role in FFXIV offers a new learning experience

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The role of DPS is divided into three subcategories: Ranged Magical DPS, Ranged Physical DPS, and Melee DPS. Playing a ranged job can help adventurers understand their position during a fight because they are further away from the boss. It’s much easier to see and study enemy attack patterns from the rear of the group. Melee DPS jobs are closer to the boss, making it harder to dodge mechanics, but this adds a new level of difficulty to the fight. While playing these classes, adventurers can also learn to incorporate movement into their work rotation, to capitalize on attacks that have a positional component. Learning the mechanics that are shared between activities is crucial for high-level content, such as end walker Pandemonium Raid.

The role of the tank in FFXIV is to keep the enemies focused on themselves. These jobs can survive hits that most other classes can’t, by using their damage mitigation abilities. Players can learn mechanics, like tank swapping, that only this role handles, while also facing some of the same close-range challenges as a melee DPS job. Tanks and healers are vital for groups to complete activities.

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One of the biggest mistakes a player can make when playing a healer is overhealing the tank. Time spent healing is time not spent dealing damage, which can cause the party to wipe out against strong enemies. Learning when to heal and when to attack enemies is important for this role. Healing is rewarding FFXIV, but neglecting damage could lead to the team cleaning up on Duty. Adventurers new to this role will also need to start paying attention to party health. Healer, DPS, and Tanks teach different foundational skills needed in high-level content, and the difficulty adds to the rotation of each job.

Playing other jobs is beneficial to the party

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There are 19 jobs in FFXIV and learning each of them can be a daunting and time-consuming task. A good way to start this task is to try out a class from each role, including the different types of DPS jobs. In Duties, players can better appreciate their teammates and support them in many ways. tanks in FFXIV can help healers by avoiding unnecessary injury, allowing them to continue attacking the boss.

In the same way, DPS jobs can prioritize stunning and defeating enemies before they launch their telegraphed attacks at the group. Tanks targeting enemies away from the team will help eliminate potential damage. It is also important to take into account the positioning in FFXIV. Tanks that understand DPS jobs, like Dragoon and Monk, can help engage the boss in specific directions, giving DPS jobs easy access to the enemy’s side or back. Learning each role is an important and critical step for players to complete activities effectively.

FFXIV Mentors Encourage Multiple Jobs

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Not only is it easy for adventurers to switch jobs, but the game features actively promote the use of multiple classes. One of the many requirements to become a Mentor at FFXIV is to level each role to the maximum level and complete subsequent role quests. Another requirement is to complete 1,000 raids, dungeons, or trials. While this can be done in a job, players can level up each role and do the activities at the same time. Not everyone may want to become a mentor, but working different jobs is important to becoming a better player.

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FFXIV‘s Duty Roulette gives additional rewards daily for the first completion of activities. The “Adventurer in Need” status grants players who challenge specific duties a necessary role to fill waiting groups. This marker changes all the time and acts as a great encouragement for players to try out different jobs. While this isn’t a problem early on, Enrage creeps into fights later in the game and promotes job mastery as well. This is a mechanic that dramatically increases the damage a boss deals to players after a set amount of time. By learning and cooperating with each job in the party, adventurers can ensure they never hit Enrage in a fight.

Even with a plethora of options, some adventurers decide to play only one job or role in FFXIV. This effectively limits your in-game experiences because each class feels dramatically different from the others in a fight. As a bonus while you learn, certain jobs earn more praise from team members, unlocking titles and achievements. Players must try all jobs on Final Fantasy XIV because understanding the playstyles of each class will improve your game and support the party.

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