Lunar New Year 2022 Wishes and Greetings: Send Seollal Messages, Quotes, HD Images, WhatsApp Stickers & Telegram Pics to Your Loved Ones on Korean New Year

The Korean New Year, commonly known as Seollal is the first day of the lunar calendar. This is important for most traditional Korean holidays. It consists of a period of celebrations, starting on New Year’s Day. Korean people also celebrate Solar New Year’s Day on January 1 each year, following the Gregorian calendar. The Korean New Year lasts three days of holidays and is considered a more important solar holiday than New Year’s Day. The Korean New Year usually falls on the second new moon day after the winter solstice, in which case, the new year solstice would be 2033 on the third new moon day after the next event. Korean New Year 2022: Date, History And Everything You Need To Know About Seollal, Korean Lunar New Year.

During this holiday Koreans visit their families, wear traditional clothes (hanbok), and eat traditional food. The main dishes are Songpyeon, a traditional Korean food made from rice powder, and Jeon, a dish of whole, sliced, or minced fish, meat, vegetables, etc., and they are made from wheat, is coated with flour and egg wash before frying in oil, and tteokguk, a rice cake soup. Tetokguk food is part of birthday celebrations, so why is it eaten on Korean New Year’s Day? The reason is that Koreans turn a year older, not on their birthday, but once the new year begins. Thus, when you finish eating your tetokguk on New Year’s Eve, you are considered one year old.

In addition, many Koreans play seasonal folk games on sillal, such as utanori, tuho, and neoltwigi. Yutnori is a game of blackjack. It’s easy to play – just grab four sticks, throw them on the table, and see how lucky you are! Neolttwigi is simply Korean seesaw, but unlike Western cultures, participants jump while standing rather than sitting. This game is especially popular among girls. Another interesting Korean New Year tradition is sebae– a ceremonial bow performed by children in front of older family members. Then after hearing words of wisdom, children often receive wealth from their grandparents, parents and aunts and uncles. However, another way you can share positivity with your loved ones on this day is by sharing these wishes, greetings and quotes:

Lunar New Year Wishes (File Image)

WhatsApp Message Reads: On the Occasion of Korean New Year, I Wish You a Year Full of Celebrations With Your Loved Ones and Good Fortune.

Lunar New Year Wishes (File Image)

WhatsApp Message Reads: Wishing You a Prosperous and Successful Time As Start a New Chapter of Life. Best Wishes on Korean New Year.

Lunar New Year Wishes (File Image)

WhatsApp Message Reads: Celebrations and Good Times Are What I Wish You…. Smiles and Happiness What I Pray for You. Happy Korean New Year to You.

Lunar New Year Wishes (File Image)

WhatsApp Message Reads: Let There Be Sunshine, Let There Be Goodness, Let There Be Joy, Let There Be Positivity. Wishing a Happy Korean New Year to You.

Lunar New Year Wishes (File Image)

WhatsApp Message Reads: May Each and Every Effort Bring You Closer to Success. Wishing You a Blessed Korean New Year Full of Opportunities To Grow.

Korean New Year 2022 Messages: Festive Quotes on Lunar Year, HD Images & Wishes To Celebrate Seollal

Last but not least, adults exchange gifts on this day. Therefore, many malls and private stores have a lot of sales before Seoul. You can share these digital greetings and make the people you love smile on this day.

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