Wisconsin Badgers Football: Dean Engram Moves to WR and Bobby Engram Officially Announced as Offensive Coordinator

Late Monday afternoon, the Wisconsin Badgers football team officially announced that Bobby Engram will be the team’s new offensive coordinator. While this news was confirmed over the weekend, the team didn’t announce the news on their social media until Monday.

We’re not going to repeat all the achievements of Engram et al, but here are some quotes from the official UW press release.

  • “I’m very excited for our players and for our program,” said head coach Paul Chryst. “Bobby is a great person who has great knowledge of the game. I have seen firsthand the impact he can have on players and I have no doubt that he will help our program both on and off the field. He knows this place and is aligned with our culture, and I think that’s important. With his experience, he brings a fresh perspective that will help move our program forward.”
  • “This is a great opportunity for me to join a proven program, a consistently successful program, one that I have admired for a long time,” said Engram. “Tradition in Wisconsin is very important to me. To be able to join a special program, impact our youth and contribute to winning championships is why I am here.”
  • “Executing football well is important, using the action pass, being multiple and doing a lot of different things offensively, but doing them well. For me, it’s bringing a fresh eye and my own sense of creativity to what has already proven successful here. I’ve been fortunate to be surrounded by great coaches and players in the NFL, and I want to bring the best of what I’ve learned to the Badgers,” Engram said.
  • “I think Paul has a great offensive mind and that part of working with him again is certainly exciting,” Engram said. “But what really happens with Paul is that he really enjoys being around the players and making sure that everything we do is about them. He loves to work hard, knowing that he is going to deliver results, and everyone feeds off of that.”
  • “My focus is to have a team that plays tough and physical and is fundamentally strong in everything we do. I think that aligns perfectly with what Paul and this coaching staff do,” Engram said. “I’m a great guy in technique. I love the individual exercises in practice. Being able to make an impact on young men this age, as they grow both on and off the field, is important to me and a big reason I’m excited about this opportunity.”

Buried deep in the press release is the note that Engram’s son, Dean Engram, who played defensive back for the past three seasons at Madison, is switching sides of the ball and will be a wide receiver this year.

“It’s going to be special, especially having this opportunity to be with my son at the college level,” Bobby said. “I have never coached Dean in football. I coached him in basketball and baseball, but this will be a once in a lifetime experience. We both want to be the best we can to help the team win.”

This is also important because Dean was one of the main targets of Caleb Williams (who you may have heard is looking for a new team in the market) in high school. What does it mean for Williams and Wisconsin? WHO KNOWS, BUT WE SURE WE ARE EXCITED AND READING TOO MUCH!!

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