Peacemaker’s Only Solo DC Comic Series Is Now Available to Read for Free

Peacemaker’s four-issue 1987 solo series, written by Paul Kupperberg and illustrated by Todd Smith, can now be read on DC Universe Infinite.

Peacemaker’s only solo series under the DC Comics banner is now available for reading on DC Universe Infinite, offering new fans of the jingoistic character the chance to discover some of his early comic adventures.

Written by Paul Kupperberg and penciled by Todd Smith, the four-issue peacemaker miniseries was published in 1987, introducing readers to a revised version of Christopher Smith following DC’s mid-’80s “Crisis on Infinite Earths” reboot. Over the course of the series, Smith battled a criminal organization headed by the Fu Manchu-inspired villain Dr. Tzin-Tzin, prevented the overthrow of the Soviet Union and blasted a multitude of terrorists to smithereens with extreme firepower.

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The Peacemaker presented in the series differed from his prior portrayal at the hands of Charleston Comics, the publishing company that introduced the character in the pages of the 1966’s fightin’ 5 Issue #40 before spinning him off into a five-issue solo series. Peacemaker’s general characterization of him as an overly-patriotic diplomat who loved peace so much that he was willing to use lethal force against dictators remained the same, but Christopher Smith’s mental state of him became fraught with turmoil.

Specifically, Christopher suffered from hallucinations of his father, a Nazi concentration camp commander who committed suicide when he was a child. Peacemaker’s inner monologue was frequently interrupted by his father’s words from him, endlessly criticizing him and questioning his actions from him.

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While Peacemaker would never again star in a solo comic until James Gunn’s 2021 suicide squad film elevated him to mainstream prominence with the casting of John Cena, the character’s story continued in a number of backup tales in the pages of titles like checkmate, showcase ’93 and Vigilant. Throughout the ’90s, Christopher would become increasingly unhinged, eventually believing that the souls of everyone he killed were stored within his helmet. Following a brush with death, Christopher went on to become a mentor figure to the third Blue Beetle, Jamie Reyes, in the 2000s.

In the world of comics, Peacemaker currently plays a prominent role in the newest suicide squad series. He also stars in his own DC Black Label one-shot, Peacemaker: Disturbing the Peace, which has once again revised the character’s origins, now presenting him as the victim of a traumatic childhood who turned to violence as a means of survival. Cena continues to portray the character in the ongoing peacemaker television series, now streaming on HBO Max.

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Source: DC Universe Infinite

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