10 Hilarious Moon Knight Quotes From The Comics That Fans Would Love To See On The Show

Introduced in 1975 in issue 32 of werewolf at night, Marc Spector and his alter ego, Moon Knight, remain a beloved Marvel character. Facing assassins from around the world and various supernatural threats, he is also well known for tackling multiple personality disorders and the split personalities that come with them.

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Soon, fans will see Oscar Isaac take over the Disney+ series, and despite the dramatic trailer, there will be some laughs too. The comics have seen some of the funniest moments and exchanges with the character that could make it to the next MCU TV series, moon knight.


“I’m going to have a crease right through my hood if you don’t get that Chopper’s butt down quick!”

Moon Knight Featured Edition Cover

In marvel projector Volume 1 #28Considered one of the best comics of the ’70s, Moon Knight stops an attempted overnight robbery by seven thieves in Manhattan. Done with fighting crime for the night, he tells his pilot, Frenchie, to land the vehicle before his hood crumples.

While doubt remains as to whether Moon Knight’s helicopter will show up, his nervous demeanor and humorous style just might. Hopefully, Frenchie will show up and fans will see the chemistry of the hero and his ally on screen as shown in the panels of this comic.

“%$#@! Does everyone know my secret identity?”

Moon Knight and Arsenal

Released in the late eighties, Marc Spector: Moon Knight Volume 1 #12 saw the hero team up with a group of mercenaries to take down Bushman. Among his team, he was reunited with one of his rivals, Gordon Campbell aka Arsenal.

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During an exchange, it is revealed that the crew may know Moon Knight’s secret identity, to which he only responds with an understandable reaction with undercover swearing. Some previous MCU heroes were never good at hiding their identities from him and he could be the next to be added to the roster despite hiding under a masked hood.

“Speaking of the real Daredevil, I could use him right now.”

Moonknight and Daredevil team up

From number 43 of the Marc Spector: Moon Knight series in 1992, the hero joins forces with other heroes throughout the Marvel universe to take down an unusual threat. They take on regenerating villainous doppelgangers from the likes of Daredevil, Black Knight, and X-Men’s Beast.

His comment about the need for other heroes like Daredevil could come true. With Matt Murdock’s cameo in Spider-Man: No Way HomeHowever, Marc Spector’s comment about other existing heroes could play into a fun referential joke that could lead to where Daredevil might appear next in the MCU.

“Look, mom – – No blood. Just a little logo for her straitjacket.”

Moon Knight's Revenge

One of the most recent story arcs on the list, Moon Knight’s Revenge he saw Moon Knight return to New York after being kicked out of the city by Norman Osborn and wanting revenge on him with guns. He also teams up with Spider-Man in various issues, watching them take down villains and question each other’s morals.

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After defeating some goons, Moon Knight cuts a crescent moon shape into his shirt just as Spider-Man enters the scene. While he may want to keep it as familiar as possible, his joke and actions between these panels can reflect and function as self-referential humor.

“This is the part where you tell me what’s going on ####?”

Cover of Moon Knight Volume 5

During the Abajo Sur arc in the moon knight 2009 comic, one of Marc Spector’s split personalities took over. Jake Lockley, a taxi driver, rescues a woman from prison with the help of The Punisher, who is targeted by his father.

After the rescue, Jake lets out his frustration with a cover word in a sentence to find out why he’s after her. The changing of these personalities and the deadly situations they find themselves in could turn into a comedy treasure trove that sees them react to the situations they find themselves in.

“Marleen, who the hell had the idea to throw the party in a goddamn asylum?”

The Moon Knight Comic Marlene

In moon knight volume 8, Marc Spector went to Mercy Hospital to seek treatment for his multiple personalities. But the result was a twisted and surreal theme that saw many illusions and visions along its way.

In one of these panels, one of his personalities points out and asks his girlfriend Marlene about a party in the most unexpected place. Perhaps the audience experiences Marc’s psyche and the darkly comical mental images he sees.

“I swear, I’ll take it back to street level for at least a year”

Crazy races on the family cover

In Moon Knight: Crazy Racing in the Family, faces some of his deadliest enemies. But despite clashing with Sun King and Bushman, some panels show their inner personalities enjoying a bit of serenity together.

While enjoying a fishing spot on a floating rock together, Marc talks about how to push back the enemies he’s facing. After all, he’s faced his fair share of supernatural enemies and might enjoy street gangs and thugs. Let’s cross our fingers that the people behind the Disney+ series recognize this opportunity to bring these personalities together and showcase Oscar Issac’s talent and comedic chops.

“He is good. How is your family dead?”

The Punisher talking to Moon Knight

One of the few issues highlighted on the list that is not mainline moon knight Serie, The Punisher #14 published in 2018 saw Frank and Zemo fighting in Manhattan. The Punisher enlists the help of Moon Knight, who shares a funny and bitter exchange.

Jon Bernthal should return as The Punisher in the moon knight It would be welcome to see series like this kind of darkly funny conversation between this unusual hero. Let’s hope to see similar faces making an appearance for him and surprising the audience with his forceful approach.

“Wow. I picked a bad time to go into space. What did I miss?”

Moon Knight talking to Spiderman

in 2018 infinity wars comic book story, Gamora gathers the Infinity Stones in an attempt to halve the universal population in her path. During an encounter with her, Moon Knight leans into Spider-Man to catch up on what’s going on after being disconnected during an important exchange between the Avengers and Gamora.

Any of the Spider-Men after Spider-Man: No Way Home It would be great to see him again and with the character appearing alongside Moon Knight in multiple issues, he would be the one to appear. But other MCU characters could appear on the show. But with an unpredictable friend like Moon Knight, the tense moments could see a comedic twist with the nature of his derangement.

“Do we have beef that I don’t know about?”

Moon Knight in 2021

In 2021, a new version of the character was introduced in the form of Moon Knight #01. The vigilante crime fighter meets many new and familiar faces in this run, one of which is Dr. Badr.

With their initial exchange, Moon Knight’s split personality affects his memory, with readers wondering if this was for comedic effect or if he was being sincere. Regardless, the new show could dive into these scenes and create hilarious scenes between the cast of supporting characters and the relationships they have with one of Moon Knight’s multiple personalities.

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