Female Lead Drama ‘Zorro’ Gets 6-Script Order As CW Explores New Development Path – Deadline

The long gestation Fox The reboot of the TV series with a female lead has moved a step closer to reality with an order for six additional scripts from the CW, bringing the total number of scripts to 7. As Deadline exclusively reported last month, the reimagining The CW’s gender-swapped classic masked vigilante character comes from filmmaker Robert Rodriguez, writer-director Rebecca Rodriguez, Sean Tretta (Mayans MC)Ben Silverman and Howard T. Owens’ Propagate and CBS Studios.

The collection of backup scripts for Fox joins three traditional pilot orders the CW placed today, with Berlanti Prods. CC’s latest project, gotham Knights, the Supernatural prequel the Winchesters just like him Walker prequel Walker: Independence. This represents the bulk of the CW orders this pilot season, I’ve heard there’s a chance of an additional one that could go straight to series. Capping off a trend on the CW that started a couple of years ago, today’s four pickups are for IP-based projects with strong title recognition.

The CW does not specify what the next step would be for Fox if network bosses are happy with the new scripts, but a direct-to-series order is likely. This is a variation of the direct-to-serial model that the network has employed with varying degrees of success over the past two years. While Walker Y superman and loiwe have done very well, the 4400 He has been a more modest actor.

Also, for the first time in a while, the CW is without backdoor pilots this season. It has been a very popular development technique on the web that has given rise to a series of series, the most recent All American: Homecoming Y tom fast. (The latter was not a traditional backdoor pilot, as he only introduced the character in Nancy Draw, making for a hybrid tailgate racer/straight-to-series model).

Broadcast networks have been experimenting with development paths during the pandemic, introducing alternatives to the traditional pilot model, notably Fox, which now employs writers’ rooms for some of its dramas as well as pitches for all of its comedies.

The CW’s Fox is a new incarnation of the project, which was in development at NBC during the 2020-21 cycle, with Tretta as a new addition to the brother-sister writing team of Robert and Rebecca Rodriguez.

Co-written by the trio and directed by Rebecca Rodriguez, in Fox, A young Latinx woman seeking revenge for her father’s murder joins a secret society and adopts the outlaw persona of Zorro. Robert and Rebecca Rodriguez’s story was already in place when Tretta, who has an overall deal at CBS Studios, was brought on board earlier this cycle to write the script.

Tretta, who will also serve as showrunner, and Robert and Rebecca Rodriguez are executive producing with Silverman, Owens and Rodney Ferrell for Propagate, along with Geoff Clark and Eric Bromberg. John Gertz, president and CEO of Zorro Productions, Inc., also executive produces with Jay Weisleder.

Propagate originally set out to develop a Zorro television series with a female lead in 2019 as one of the company’s first projects under its first deal with CBS Studios. The first incarnation of the idea, written by Alfredo Barrios Jr., was created at NBC, as was the 2020-21 version with Robert and Rebecca Rodriguez, which also had Sofia Vergara attached as executive producer. She is no longer involved in the project.

Robert Rodríguez was in charge of directing The mask of Zorro and cast Antonio Banderas in the lead role before leaving the feature film project. On television, he currently serves as executive producer and director on Disney+. The Boba Fett Book. He previously developed and executive produced the series adaptation of his film. From dusk to dawn for his television network El Rey and also executive producer of the spy kids Netflix spin-off animated series. He recently directed an episode of Disney+ The Mandalorian.

Rebecca Rodriguez’s recent directing credits include HBO Max episodes doom Patrol, NBC DebrisTNT snow drills and Showtime’s The Chi.

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