Hari Nef celebrates her role as Rabbi Jen

As a “Sex and the City” superfan who has watched all 94 episodes of the show more than 20 times, actress Hari Nef was living a dream by getting to be part of “And Just Like That…” as the character Rabbi Jen .

The “Transparent” star expressed her gratitude for playing the “trans rabbi” in the season finale of the “Sex and the City” reboot in an Instagram post on Thursday after the release of the episode “Seeing the Light” on HBO Max.

The groundbreaking transgender model, writer and actress shared her devotion to the show over the years, which even included Nef channeling her inner Carrie Bradshaw and writing a sex column for Adult magazine when Nef was in college at New York City’s Columbia University.

“I started watching the show in high school, coming home more stoned than i’ve ever been since and surrendering myself to its funhouse mirror of ardor and adulthood,” the multi-hyphenate star wrote. “I moved to new york; the show became an asymptote, a guidebook to being a woman in a city. I was a woman in a city, so i started writing a sex column. What else could i do?

“With each passing year i measured my life and my body and my bedpost against carrie in season 1: 32 years old, lithe and wry in a little black dress, unwavering in her resolve to bridge fantasy and reality. her trials and truisms, her affect, her haunts–they grew ambient to me.’what would carrie do?’ this sounds and is absurd, but i’m not alone.”

Nef, 29, told The Cut that the show’s writers created the role of Rabbi Jen specifically for her after an audition that followed Nef openly campaigning for a part on the show.

“I didn’t care what they wanted me to play,” she said. “I was there.”

Rabbi Jen is brought in by Kristin Davis’ character Charlotte to officiate a “they-mitzvah” for Charlotte’s nonbinary child, Rock. She bluntly informs Charlotte that Rock is “totally unprepared” for the ceremony and “a complete disaster.”

Nef is a groundbreaking model also known for her roles in “Transparent” and “You.” Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images

She later ends up dispensing some friend advice to Carrie and Miranda while also delivering a funny line after tasting the “hipster challah” made with sourdough by Anthony that is considered a little over the top for the ceremony.

“Oh my God, this is delicious!” she says.

Nef said her role expanded from only a few lines at the beginning.

“I made the team laugh,” she told The Cut. “When they sent the new script, my character had earned herself a little more time.”

Rabbi Jen also deadpans that they have to get the show on the road with the service because she has a wedding in Bushwick at 3:00, so “that means a hard out at 2:00.”

Nef expressed her gratitude for playing a small part in a show that has meant so much to her.

“On December 3rd, 2021, I walked into charlotte’s apartment for my last day of work,” she wrote on Instagram. “Thank you sj, cynthia, and kristin for welcoming me. Thank you michael patrick king for writing this role for me. Though i was there all along, i never thought i’d make it past the door. but i did! and i I’m grateful.”

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