Why Samuel L. Jackson Once Believed That ‘Die Hard’ Did More for His Career Than ‘Pulp Fiction’

Many would consider Quentin Tarantino’s pulp fiction to be Samuel L. Jackson’s starring role. But Jackson himself once expressed a different opinion on the matter. For the Marvel superstar, it wasn’t pulp fiction that really put him on the map. Instead, I have considered the Die Hard franchise as his true introduction to megastardom.

Bruce Willis handpicked Samuel L. Jackson for ‘Die Hard with a Vengeance’

Samuel L Jackson | Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

Many were blown away by Samuel L. Jackson’s performance as Jules in pulpfiction, which is evident given his Oscar nomination. But Bruce Willis, Jackson’s own pulp fiction co-star, was also thoroughly impressed by Jackson’s acting. So much so that he personally picked and recommended the Django Unchained star for his next Die Hard movie.

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