Guide ‘Star Wars: The High Republic’: all our reviews

“The High Republic” is the latest “Star Wars” story that no one is talking about.

As all eyes turn to “The Mandalorian” and “The Book of Boba Fett,” an entirely different story from “Star Wars” called “The High Republic” unfolds.

What is ‘The High Republic’?

“The High Republic” is a collection of novels, comics and audiobooks from the publishing arm of Lucasfilm that tells the story of the “Star Wars” universe 200 years before the events of the prequel trilogy.

  • The first phase of the story focused on the expansion of the Republic into the Outer Rim territories and the relationship between the Jedi Knights and the Republic.
  • They had to face an evil group of space pirates called Nihil.

“The High Republic” is a cross-platform “Star Wars” project that will tell the story of the New Republic some 200 years before the prequel trilogy, focusing on the Jedi Knights during their prime.

What’s next in ‘The High Republic’?

Phase II of “The High Republic” series will debut on October 22. But it will not follow the same events of Phase I.

  • Instead, Phase II will be set 150 years before Phase I begins, which is 350 years before “The Phantom Menace.”

  • “Phase II will follow a very familiar storytelling order from ‘Star Wars’ and delve into the past, 150 years back to be exact, for new stories that serve as prequels to what we’ve experienced so far,” according to StarWars. com.

What to expect from ‘The High Republic’

The story of “The High Republic” fell during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although I was sent some early review copies of the novels, I didn’t get a chance to dive into them due to the pandemic.

  • Now, I decided to review each of the “High Republic” novels before Phase II releases on October 22nd. I will offer brief reviews of each of the novels as I review them.
  • So, let’s begin our dive into “The High Republic.”

“The High Republic” is a cross-platform project set in a time 200 years before the prequel trilogy.

‘Star Wars: The High Republic’ Is The Biggest ‘Star Wars’ Story You Won’t Find On Disney+

Review: ‘The Light of the Jedi’ by Charles Soule

Friday, February 4, 2022

“Light of the Jedi” is the first novel in “The High Republic” content series, and begins with what feels like a cinematic adventure.

  • It begins with the Great Disaster, a time when a cruiser spaceship is destroyed in hyperspace, sending pieces of the ship floating across the galaxy. Soon, all the planets are threatened by falling pieces of the ship’s wreckage, which could destroy billions of people.
  • The Republic and the Jedi unite to save people across the galaxy. But a group of marauders, the Nihil, seek to use the disaster to extort money from planets and gain influence across the galaxy.

“Light of the Jedi” it’s such a fun read. You feel like you’re in the middle of a “Star Wars” movie when you see Jedi moments, some politics on Coruscant, and a whole host of starfighter battles between the Republic, Nihil, and, yes, even the Jedi.

  • In particular, the novel introduces the compelling new villain Marchion Ro, who, true to form, wears a mask and seems to have a taste for control. He is a new and attractive antagonist of the “Star Wars” universe.
  • We also meet some charismatic characters like Avar Jedi Master Kriss and Chancellor Lina Soh, two strong female characters looking to lead the Jedi and the Republic at the same time.

Final Thought: “Light of the Jedi” is a worthwhile read for anyone looking to engage in a new “Star Wars” story outside of the main “Mandalorian” story and Skywalker Saga. Some characters from the prequel trilogy appear: what’s up, Yoda? — but it’s a truly unique story that seems far removed from the normal story we’re used to. It’s definitely something to pick up if recent stories have let you down.

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