5 Mods Every SOLDIER Needs

Despite its fairly recent PC release, there are already hundreds of Final Fantasy VII: Remake Intergrade mods, but these five make all the difference.

After the PC release of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade in December 2021, fans eager to improve the game’s performance and tinker with character presets quickly found a way to bypass Square Enix’s engine limitations. Various mods were created to enhance the player experience. Now there are nearly 500 downloadable mods for Final Fantasy VII: Remake Intergrade and it is easy to get lost in a sea of ​​adjustments.

Mods have been made that allow for better visuals, body modifications and outfit swaps for the beloved Midgar rebels. While select mods work around the imposed performance constraints, others cater to players interested in broadening their horizons or indulging in nostalgia. Offering unique and otherwise inaccessible in-game adjustments, the following five mods are bound to have players fall in love with Final Fantasy 7 all over again.

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FFVIIHook – INI And Dev Console Unlocker

Screenshot of FFVIIHook and Dynamic Resolution mods at work in Final Fantasy VII: Remake Intergrade.

Many PC enthusiasts like to take advantage of developer consoles to inspect the build or alter hidden and locked aspects that may hinder the game’s performance. Although certain scripts work flawlessly within a few clicks, some require extensive knowledge of the game engine. FFVIIHook – INI and Dev Console Unlocker is a mod that helps the players access console commands and apply changes to variables while allowing loose INI files to be loaded directly from the configuration folder.

It is particularly useful for computers that struggle to meet the game’s demanding system requirements because the mod can be used to disable dynamic resolution, which is known to affect general performance in favor of a more stable framerate. Dynamic Resolution Disabler is another mod that lets the players address the issue of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade‘s locked dynamic resolution.

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Advent ReShade – HDR FX

Screenshot of the Advent ReShade - HDR FX mod at work in Final Fantasy VII: Remake Intergrade.

While there is no doubt that HDR is visually impactful due to higher contrast and larger color and brightness ranges, it is not supported by many games or by TN panels, which are still quite common nowadays despite their age. However, a fair amount of mid-range monitors can display HDR visuals, and Square Enix’s decision to exclude the option from the PC release of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is somewhat confusing.

The Advent ReShade – HDR FX mod makes up for this missing feature by allowing the players to improve the visuals without any major performance drops. It adds precise HDR lighting effects to the game, making the imagery appear richer and with crisp details boasting a better contrast. The mod’s aesthetics are easy on the eye and worth experiencing, especially given how simple it is to install and remove.

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Equipment Rebalance – Increased Materia Slots

Screenshot of the Equipment Rebalance mod at work in Final Fantasy VII: Remake Intergrade.

Along with a new take on the story of Final Fantasy 7, the latest revisit complements the game’s revised setting and contributes to the player experience. Aside from in-depth reconstruction of the game’s protagonists, equipment also received the necessary adjustments to accommodate these changes.

Equipment Rebalance – Increased Materia Slots takes the existing equipment adjustments to the next level by reworking all materia slots and equipment stats. The mod increases the number of available materia slots in weapons, allowing for three linked pairs and an unlinked slot, which adds up to a total of seven materia slots. In line with the visible improvements addressing weapon stats, the mod also tweaks defense on all armors to rebalance disjointed offensive and defensive aspects of the game.

PS1 Menu Sounds

Screenshot of the PS1 Menu Sounds mod in Final Fantasy VII: Remake Intergrade.

Despite the positive reception of the general overhaul that Final Fantasy 7 Remake received, some veteran fans have felt wary about the changes that seemingly step away from the heart of the original game. The PS1 Menu Sounds mod replaces the revamped sound effects found in Final Fantasy VII: Remake Intergrade and recreates the well-known auditory settings of the original installation. It covers a variety of menu auditory prompts ranging from ATB gauge sounds to canceling, scrolling and selecting sounds. Better yet, the mod’s creator, Oluvids, is open to suggestions and willing to expand on the current sound selection to accommodate the needs of those feeling nostalgic about the original release.

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Dualsub ENG And JPN

Screenshot of the Dualsub ENG and JPN mod at work in Final Fantasy VII: Remake Intergrade.

Most titles that originate from Japan present the players with an option to choose between Japanese and English voiceover, along with the preferred subtitles when booting the game. While many are lenient about the players’ initial preferences and support mid-game changes of heart, none attempt to step outside of the well-established comfort zone to promote two-language subtitles.

In that sense, Dualsub ENG and JPN is a unique mod aimed at those looking to improve their Japanese language proficiency while listening to the English voiceover or vice versa. It can also be used as a convenient hands-on tool for detecting language disparities that usually go under the radar. If the player is not particularly keen on a combination of English and Japanese subtitles, alternate versions featuring other languages ​​are available as well.

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