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PARKERSBURG — Winter weather can inspire many new indoor hobbies for kids and adults alike.

Wood County Public Libraries hope to help inspire those in the area and engage patrons as they do so.

A great hobby includes reading in a book club. Different branches of the Wood County Library offer different reading clubs and challenges for people to join.

At the Emerson Avenue branch they offer:

* A group of True Crime books for people who know too much about murder. Each month the group reports on the various True Crime books they have been reading. Their next meetings are February 12 and March 5 at 1 pm

* A random readers book club for adults that meets every second Wednesday at 4pm

* A book club for grades 3-6 that meets the second Wednesday of every month from 4-5 pm

At the Blizzard Drive location, they offer many reading groups for younger children.

* Lego Story Time for children in grades K to 2. Saturdays from 11 a.m. to noon: February 19, March 12, April 11 and Mondays from 4 to 5 p.m.; February 7, March 21, April 2, May 2. Call South Parkersburg at 304-428-7041 for more information.

* Wee Be Jammin’ Wednesdays in South Parkersburg are Story Times for Birth-3 years that meet at 10:30 am and 11 am

* Teens can also pass and earn a 2022 reading log. The Reading Challenge is for teens ages 13-19.

Each branch has a copy of the Adult Reading Challenge for 2022.

According to Wood County Library Assistant Jeanne Michi, newcomers are always welcome.

“True Crime book club is not for the faint of heart,” she said. “The participants are well versed in crime and they kind of scare me a little bit.” he said while laughing.

In the Random Readers group, each participant chooses their own book and discusses it with the others (no spoilers).

“There are themes every month,” Michi explained. “For example, the topic could be ‘New’ and people could choose a new book, one with ‘new’ in the title, etc.”

Michi said that they chose to go this route because it is difficult to obtain multiple copies of a book and they want participants to use the library’s selection.

In the true crime group, Michi said that she would like to do a month where they cast a certain criminal as Jack the Ripper, and each member gets a book outlining different theories of how the crimes were completed, then discuss the differences and plausible theories. .

“Book clubs are vital, and it’s important for people to get out and read,” she said.

Each month, the dates for book clubs and other library activities are listed on the calendar on their website.

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