Local Publishing House Launches In-House Audio Production Company to Venture into Podcasting and Audiobooks

Number Three Productions, GracePoint Publishing’s in-house audio production company.

GracePoint Publishing of Colorado Springs, Colorado has launched Number Three Productions as they expand into the audio realm.

We amplify voices and disrupt the world…We do this by helping the voiceless find their voice, and by always looking three steps ahead to see where we can amplify voices in brand new places.”

—Mark Packard

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, February 7, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — As the podcasting industry continues to grow, Colorado-based publishing company, GracePoint Publishing, opens their in-house audio production studio and branches into a new media space with Number Three Productions. This new expansion to GracePoint’s ever-growing media ventures offers authors, entrepreneurs, and creatives of all kinds a new medium for sharing their message and contributes to GracePoint’s diverse in-house offerings.

GracePoint is a leading publisher for books focusing on everything from self help to Human Design to fantasy fiction and business. Having numerous number one best sellers under their belt, they continue to further expand into new ways to stay on top of their industry. Number Three Productions is a byproduct of their desire to expand beyond the written pages, having first started with print books to adapting to ebooks and now audiobooks and podcasts. Authors are now given the opportunity to speak their own stories or to launch companion podcasts that further expand on the themes of their books.

Number Three Productions is operating locally through an in house studio in Colorado Springs as well as remotely over podcast hosting platforms and is scheduling recordings for all audio needs into 2022 and beyond.

What began as only a discussion between GracePoint’s Co-Founders, Karen Curry Parker and Michelle Vandepas, with the now Director of Number Three Productions, Mark Packard, the audio production company has launched with multiple podcasts and an audiobook already under its belt. Priding itself on amplifying voices by moving beyond the traditional distribution models of podcast and audiobook distribution, Number Three Productions seeks to be a leader in the creation of the new creator economy of shared resources to disrupt the world.

“I love the mission of Number Three Productions: We amplify voices and disrupt the world. Quit an undertaking! We do this by helping the voiceless find their voice, and by always looking three steps ahead to see where we can amplify voices in brand new places. We are and will continue to be the leader in the birth of our new creator economy of shared, sustainable, and equitable resources. We’ll be right by your side as you amplify your voice to the world!” says Packard, Director of Number Three Productions. Lending his personal attention to each client and ensuring their message is amplified and true to their voice and their platform, Mark is dedicated to quality and reaching new horizons in audio both for Number Three Productions and its clients.

In his diverse background with degrees in mathematics and economics as well as experience in audio production, dance performance and music composition, Mark possesses a unique understanding of the world of sound. Holding a firm grasp on quantitative data such as statistics paired with his creative ventures in audio, Mark provides his clients with intuitive concepts to help them amplify their voices without needing to sacrifice important algorithmic aspects of launching audio and building a following. Now lending his talents to GracePoint Publishing’s new audio production ventures, Number Three Productions has helped revive existing podcasts to obtain over double the listenership, recording and editing a full length audiobook with stellar quality as well as ushering in a new collective of creatives who had previously been voiceless.

Number Three Productions is a part of the GracePoint Matrix and is the premier audio production company for amplifying voices to disrupt the world.

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