Peacemaker’s Pet Eagle Eagly Finally Joins DC Comics Canon

Peacemaker’s pet eagle Eagly just made their comic book debut inside the pages of DC Comics’ latest Valentine’s Day anthology.

Warning! spoiler for Strange Love Adventures #1 (2022) by DC Comics below

Eagly has become canon in the pages of DC Comics, as Peacemaker’s pet eagle just made their comic book debut in the publisher’s newest Valentine’s Day anthology. In Strange Love Adventures #1, Eagly makes a surprise appearance at the end of Peacemaker’s story, as the scene-stealing animal from the popular HBO Max series is revealed when the patriotic antihero asks his pet eagle to be his valentine.

Eagly is an original creation from the mind of James Gunn, who doesn’t have a comic book counterpart. Peacemaker’s pet eagle is his best friend, as the trained animal (who in real life is made from CGI) is the perfect sidekick for the patriotic, peace-loving character. Peacemaker’s Eagle partner has stolen pretty much every scene they’ve been a part of. And now, Christopher Smith’s pet eagle is stealing scenes in an entirely different medium as they become comic book canon in the new Strange Love Adventures anthology by DC Comics.


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In the new Peacemaker-starring story “Love of Country” by Rex Ogle, Geraldo Borges, Nick Flardi, and Ferran Delgado in this week’s Strange Love Adventures #1, Peacemaker’s love of Valentine’s Day is showcased. Peacemaker expresses excitement for the day before he’s called into action on his day off. The patriotic antihero ends up facing off against the all-new Fearsome Five, but he isn’t happy to see the new villains as it cuts into his Valentine’s Day plans. Peacemaker considers the attack a threat to love and ends up brutally killing the super-charged villains in the name of peace. After the mission, Christopher Smith returns home to spend time with his “one and only,” giving his Valentine’s Day letter to Eagly.

Eagle DC Comics

Peacemaker recites his version of America (My Country, ‘Tis of Thee) to Eagly, singing to his pet eagle, “my country ’tis of thee, sweet land of liberty, of thee I sing… you’re the only one for me.” It’s very fitting Eagly ends up being Peacemaker’s valentine.

Seeing Eagly make their comic book debut and become canon in the pages of DC Comics is exciting. However, since Eagly was specifically created for the peacemaker streaming series on HBO Max, there was no guarantee they’d eventually come to the comics as well. Hopefully, Eagly gets a more prominent role in Peacemaker’s upcoming comic stories, as it’s hard to imagine the antihero without his trusted pet eagle by his side. Strange Love Adventures #1 by DC Comics is in stores now.

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