Son’s sleep challenge sparks Rutland author’s new book

RUTLAND – Some stories emerge from real-life issues.

“The Sapphire Ring” did as well, but it took some time before the tale was ready to share.

Donna DeMaio Hunt said the story was created 10 years ago, and initially bore a different title.

“It sat in my computer files with a couple of others for a long time,” Hunt said, though that has proven to be a positive thing.

“I’m glad I waited to publish it, and I truly believe everything happens for a reason,” she said.

When she first put the words to paper, or computer file, her son, Ethan, was 5, “and even though he liked to draw, who would have known he would be blessed with an artistic talent like he has today,” Hunt said .

Her son’s artwork illustrates the book.

“The story is based on Ethan’s current challenge of getting to sleep at night, a phase we never thought he would outgrow.

“My husband, Bryce, had a collection of Green Lantern rings. He gave him this ring to sleep with, and most of the time it worked. My daughter, Faith, had one of her too, even though sleeping for her was not a challenge, ”Hunt said.

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