Bengals’ Tee Higgins a good play

You know when you go on a nice vacation and have a great time. It doesn’t matter how exciting the final day’s agenda is, it is clouded by a bittersweet showers of feelings, knowing it is the last day.

Sunday is our final day of football vacation. The dessert after an exquisite pigskin meal. Our last stab of fantasy football fandom.

But with just one game on the schedule, the fantasy options are much more limited than normal. There are no full rosters in the bulk-entry DFS contests. What you have is a collection of Flex spots with one reserved for what we’ll call our Super Player (it’s MVP at FanDuel and the Captain position at DraftKings).

With no positional requirements, you essentially are just trying to pick the top five or six fantasy players in Sunday’s Super Bowl. Yet it is impossible to afford a roster full of top, or even dependable options. But at that top spot, you get 1.5 times the fantasy points.

This means a couple of things. You need to hit on that Super Player. You’re going to need a deep sleeper or two to have any shot at good money. And, with a very shallow pool of options, it is going to be harder to make your roster unique from other entries.

You start at the top, obviously, with your Super Player, then build around him. You can go QB there, but they are quite expensive — and considering they normally deliver the most reliable production, also among the most popular. There is Cooper Kupp, the single highest-priced player (FD $16,000, DK $17,400), but he also will be highly used.

We start at DK with Tee Higgins ($11,400), liking him better than the slightly more expensive Odell Beckham Jr. ($12,600) — thinking Jalen Ramsey has a better shot at shutting down Ja’Marr Chase than anyone on the Bengals does stopping Cooper Kupp .

Bengals wide receiver Tee Higgins is a good Super Bowl fantasy football play.
Bengals wide receiver Tee Higgins is a good Super Bowl fantasy football play.

Plus, he is less sexy than a lot of the other picks, so figure not many will be using him in the Super spot. He has a decent chance of a two-score game — the threshold we like to consider when picking our top players.

Then we add both QBs, leaving us with $17,200 of cap space for three spots — an average of just $5,733 per player.

Now we want to find a deep dart we like to try to work back into position to afford better players with our last two spots. Rams tight end Tyler Higbee is out, and backup Kendall Blanton ($4,600) wasn’t bad in the NFC title game.

It’s clear we’re not going to be able to afford Kupp, so we opt for Beckham. With what little we have left, we’ll take Bengals kicker Evan McPherson ($4,000).

At FD, we go after Kupp. Because we can’t afford both QBs then, we take Stafford ($15,500) to pair with Kupp. Then we fill out with Higgins ($10,500), McPherson ($9,000) and Tyler Boyd ($8,500).

Last chance of the year. Let’s hope dessert is good.

Bold Bowl Rolls

Key picks you should consider for this weekend’s FanDuel and DraftKings contests:

Joe Mixon
Joe Mixon

Joe Mixon RB, Bengals ($12,500 FD/$14,400 DK)

If the Rams fearsome front frequently finds its way into the Bengals backfield, as many expect, some quick passing options and screens will be needed for Joe Burrow & Co. That could mean a bigger role in the passing game for Mixon. It also puts Samaje Perine on the radar.

Odell Beckham Jr., WR, Rams (FD$10,500/DK$8,400)

He has been steady and strong since arriving to LA. With so much attention likely focused on Cooper Kupp, Beckham should be able to find some empty space in the secondary to keep racking up some early-Odell throwback stats.

Tyler Boyd WR, Bengals ($8,500 FD/8,100 DK)

Don’t have any special reason to like Boyd any more than usual, other than his price. He scored four straight weeks to end the season and start the playoffs.

Kendall Blanton TE, Rams ($8,000 FD/$4,600 DK)

Was mostly invisible all season before a TD vs. the Buccaneers in the divisional round then stepping in to grab five catches in the NFC title game after Tyler Higbee went down. QB Matthew Stafford showed no fear throwing him the ball.

Evan McPherson K, Bengals ($9,000 FD/4,000 DK)

He has been money this postseason. The Rams’ defense has more talent than any Cincinnati has faced this postseason. A few stalled drives would not be a surprise.

Fantasy Insanity Daily Dose

Daily fantasy lineup suggestion by Drew Loftis

Team Draft Kings

Type: Tourney
Salary: $50K
fee: $3
Entries: 396.3K
Top Prize: $100K
Tot. pot: $1M

TPC: Tee Higgins=$11,400
Flex: Matthew Stafford=$10,800
Flex: Joe Burrow=$10,600
Flex: Odell Beckham Jr.=$8,400
Flex: Kendall Blanton=$4,600
Flex: Evan McPherson=$4,000

For late roster changes, follow @NYPost_Loftis on Twitter

Season risked: $180.77
Season winnings: $15


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