DC Is About to Introduce an Ancient Chinese Team of Superheroes

An all-new superhero team will be making their way into the DC Universe in Mark Waid and Dan Mora’s Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #3.

The House of Ji, a superhero team from ancient China, will make their debut in the pages of the comic’s third issue, which promises to showcase a “twisted time-travel tale of titanic tenure.” This time-travel adventure will see Robin and Supergirl team up as they journey back to China circa 1600 BC, where they’ll meet this new team as they pursue a mystery surrounding a shadowy figure.

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In addition to the House of Ji, this issue will also see the appearance of a new supervillain known as the Devil Nezha, who features on Mora’s cover art. While their younger counterparts encounter the House of Ji in the ancient past, Batman and Superman will be working together to wart this new villain’s plans for their fellow superheroes.

The upcoming series, which was announced late last year, will see its first issue hit shelves on March 15. The comic marks Waid’s return to DC Comics in an ongoing capacity after his recent contribution to Detective Comics #1050 with Mora, which set the stage for World’s Finest. Before his Superman story in 2020’s Dark Nights: Death Metal: The Last Stories of the DC Universethe last time Waid wrote for DC was in 2008. During his initial time at DC, Waid wrote many notable works including Superman: Birthrighta lengthy run on Flashand the iconic kingdom come.

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In the years between his departure and recent return, Waid has primarily done work for Marvel Comics, where he wrote a variety of titles, including a run on Daredevil that ran from 2011 to 2014, indestructible hulk in 2012, Champions in 2016, and the History of the Marvel Universe miniseries in 2019. Meanwhile, Mora has made a name for himself at DC doing covers for various series, as well as interior artwork for recent issues of Detective Comics and last year’s Future State: Dark Detective miniseries. Mora is also known for his work with Boom! Studios, on titles like Saban’s Go Go Power Rangersand Grant Morrison’s Klaus.

Readers anticipating the arrival of next month’s first issue of World’s Finest will also have a special variant cover, illustrated by Mora, to look forward. The cover depicts comedian and Superman fan Jerry Seinfeld seated in the Batmobile with the titular world’s finest duo.

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