High School DxD Season 5 Release Date, Cast, Storyline and More

High School DxD is an animated web show based on Ichiei Ishibumi’s Japanese classic book of a similar title. Tetsuya Yanagisawa directed the animated series, which was produced by TNK. AT-X broadcasts the animated show “High School DxD”.

The first season of the show premiered in 2012, and since then 4 seasons have been released. After the huge success of these four seasons, viewers are eagerly anticipating High School DxD Season 5.

The Storyline of High School DxD Season 5

The plot begins with a Promotion Test in the middle of the discussion. Issei, Akeno, and Kiba, 3 young students, make preparations for the exam. The plot centers across Issei Hyoudoua youngster who attends Kuoh Academy.

It was previously only a girls’ school, however, it has recently become a boys’ school as well. It was a well-kept mystery among living beings that angels, organisms, and demons also attended this school. Issei is a typical student who leads a laid-back lifestyle. Yuma Amano approaches Issei for a date on a normal day.

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She takes Issei to a park, situated in the neighborhood, after the date. She requests him to die for her. She reveals herself to be Raynare, a fallen angel. Yuma attempts to kill Issei, but Rias Gremory, a third-year student at the academy uses her magical card to get him back to life. When Issei wakes up the next morning, he believes it was all a vision.

As soon as he wakes up, some other fallen angel tries to attack him. Rias discloses her actual self as a devil and tells Issei that Yuma killed him and she was the one who brought him back to life.

The story for High School DxD Season Five will revolve all over Hero Oppai Dragon Arc. The story for High School DxD Season Five will revolve all over Hero Oppai Dragon Arc. arc, which supports volumes 9 and 10 of the classic novel, actually started in season 4. As a result, Season five would likely follow Volumes 11 and 12 of the book.

High school DxD season 5 release date

Release Date for High School DxD Season 5

The story was not overly extended because all four seasons of High School DxD were set at a decent pace. We can predict the upcoming season to be as brief and to-the-point as the previous seasons.

Previously, the series was set to be officially released at the end of 2020. However, owing to the coronavirus disease outbreak and the major shutdown of the industry, the production, and release of the show got delayed. There is no word on when High School DxD Season 5 will be released. However, Season 5 is most likely to premiere in the middle of 2021.

The Cast of High School DxD Season 5

The following actors will almost certainly reprise their roles from previous seasons:-

Yuki Kaji voices Issei Hyoudou, Ayana Taketaksu voices Koneko Toujou, Yoko Hikasa voices Rias Gremory, Shizuka Ito voices Akeno Himejima, Azumi Asakura voices Asia Argento. There are rumors that more supporting actors would appear in High School DxD Season 5.

Yoshifumi Suede will direct the film. The novel already contains a substantial amount of information that could be utilized in the series.

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The Plotline of High School DxD Season 5

The participants of the Occult Research Club are the main characters of the show. in front of Rias Gremory’s devil’s groupthe Occult Research Club consists of ten devils, an angel, as well as a dragon.

They are involved in a variety of devilish activities, such as making alliances with humans and engaging in rating games and other school altercations. the fallen angel leader, Azazel, is hired as the research club’s consultant at the end of the second season.

Season 4 of the show premiered in the month of June, and viewers are eagerly anticipating High School DxD Season 5. They are extremely happy with the fact that the series has been renewed for another season.

According to some sources, this season may be the final season of High School DxD. Let us just wait for the official notification. We will keep you updated as soon as more information becomes available.

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