New series based on San Antonio author’s best-selling book drops on Hulu

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Shea Serrano’s creatively and funnily shares his takes on all things basketball and hip-hop in his books and on Twitter.

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Fans who love all things basketball (or folks staying in as the weekend cold front hits San Antonio) have a new show to binge this weekend, one that is the brainchild of an Alamo City native.

Hulu dropped a new series Basketball (and Other Things) on its streaming platform February 10, marking another win for Shea Serrano, the San Antonio author who wrote the New York Times best-selling book of the same name and has another streaming series in the works. While Serrano’s books feature vivid illustrations by artist Arturo Torres, the new show, a collaboration between Hulu and Complex, brings Basketball (and Other Things) to life in a whole new way.

Shea Serrano's previous book, the best-selling 'Basketball (And Other Things),' also featured art by Arturo Torres.  Serrano's new book, 'Movies (And Other Things)' is the second in the '(And Other Things)' series.

Shea Serrano’s previous book, the best-selling ‘Basketball (And Other Things),’ also featured art by Arturo Torres. Serrano’s new book, ‘Movies (And Other Things)’ is the second in the ‘(And Other Things)’ series.

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The new series touches on “some of the most important lessons the world of basketball can teach,” says Complex writer Joe Price.

Those lessons come via interviews with more than 100 people, including a mix of NBA Hall of Famers and rappers who all speak from experience to offer advice on real-world matters. The lineup of interview brings guests together two of Serrano’s loves from him. His 2017 Basketball (and Other Things) was the first book in a series in which he asks and answers questions centered around his interests, with later books focusing on movies and hip-hop.

A trailer for the new series gives some insight of what to expect from the 12-episode project.

While Serrano was sure to clarify that he’s not involved in the project in his own Shea Serrano way, we love to see this Southside San Antonio native get his credit.

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