10 Batman Comics Where Bruce Wayne Is Actually A Good Dad

As Batman, Bruce Wayne is the figurehead of the Batman Family. As a result, he’s offered a haven to many orphaned and wayward children such as Dick Grayson, Duke Thomas, and Cassandra Cain. He’s also been a close friend to people of his own age who need someone to lean on like Huntress, Azrael, and Batwoman.

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All of this makes Batman someone who is looked up to by other DC Comics superheroes because, at the end of the day, Bruce Wayne is a father more than anything else. Sure, he’s the Caped Crusader, the Dark Knight Detective, and the Defender of Gotham, but he’s also a dad. Sometimes, he’s a darn good one too.

10 Getting Nightwing And Batgirl To Stop Fighting At The End Of All Things (Dark Nights: Death Metal)

Nightwing Batgirl Marriage Death Metal

Dark Nights: Death Metal by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo saw the DC Multiverse at its potential endpoint. The Batman Who Laughs, now imbued with the power of Doctor Manhattan, goes to war with the goddess Perpetua for control over the Multiverse. Heroes and villains alike were rallying for one last battle with the Batman Who Laughs and his minions from the Dark Multiverse.

In a tale from Dark Nights Death Metal: The Last Stories of the DC Universe by Cecil Castellucci and Mirka Andolfo, Nightwing and Batgirl are fighting again on the eve of the last battle. Batman finally cuts in, telling them to admit their feelings to one another so that they can be at peace in case everyone dies. This leads to Nightwing and Batgirl seemingly, albeit briefly, getting married.

9 Finally Giving His Full Blessing To Stephanie Brown (Bruce Wayne The Road Home: Batgirl)

Stephanie Brown, who has worn the mantles of Robin, Spoiler, and Batgirl, has had a complicated history with Batman. She was almost killed during the War Games, and Batman tried to stop her from returning to crimefighting once he discovered she was still alive.

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After his apparent death during Final Crisis, Bruce Wayne eased himself back into his old life by visiting his various associates in secret. He met up with Stephanie, who then went by Batgirl in Bruce Wayne The Road Home: Batgirl by Brian Q. Miller and Pere Perez. Here, Bruce finally gives his blessing to Stephanie as Batgirl and lets her know what a great hero she was.

8 Admitting His Faults And Letting Dick Grayson Take Up The Mantle (Batman: Prodigal)


After having his back broken by Bane and having to depose Jean-Paul Valley as the new Batman, Bruce’s crusade as Batman took a dark turn. He was trying harder to recreate the myth of his invincibility of him and almost got himself killed during a prison break at Arkham Asylum because he would n’t accept help.

He knew things needed to change and how he couldn’t make those changes while out in the field as Batman. In Batman #512 by Doug Moench and Mike Gustovich, Bruce contacted Nightwing and had him pick up the mantle of Batman while Bruce discovered a new way to carry out his role as the Dark Knight.

7 Telling Nightwing That He Would Make Alfred Proud (Nightwing)

Nightwing Swinging feature

Recently, Nightwing moved back out to Bludhaven to make a fresh start with both his role as Nightwing and his life as Dick Grayson. Alfred, who was killed by Bane during his war on Gotham, left a considerable sum of money to Dick Grayson in his will. Dick intends to use this money to restore Bludhaven, give shelter to the homeless, and improve the city as much as possible.

All of this is happening in the current run of Nightwing by Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo. Nightwing resumes his vigil over Bludhaven to make sure the criminal element doesn’t take advantage of this era of change. During a call with Nightwing, Bruce lets Dick know how proud Alfred would be of what Dick is doing with the money.

6 Stopping Nightwing From Killing The Joker (Joker’s Last Laugh)

Nightwing Joker

At one point, the Joker came to believe that he was likely going to die soon due to a malignant brain tumor. This convinced the Clown Prince of Crime that his time on this Earth was drawing to a close, which made him determined to go out with a bang.

This led to a crime spree unlike many others in the Joker’s history. Death, destruction, and mayhem abounded, and there was plenty of Joker Gas flowing. All of this is chronicled in Joker’s Last Laugh by Chuck Dixon, Scott Beatty, and Pete Woods. In the end, Batman and Nightwing finally caught up with the Joker, and in a rage, Nightwing beat the Joker to death. Whether or not the Joker deserved it is up to interpretation, but Batman knew Nightwing would not be able to live with himself due to his kind heart. To prevent this, Bruce resurrected the Joker – his worst and most vicious enemy of him – to spare Dick that fate.

5 Letting Tim Drake Forge His Own Path In Life (Batman: Detective Comics)

The Gotham Knights team was composed of many of Gotham’s protectors led by Batman and Batwoman. After the apparent death and surprise return of Red Robin, and Batwoman deciding to execute a rampaging Clayface, the team fell apart. This left Batman and Red Robin in an awkward position, especially as the events that led to this collapse put Bruce and Tim at odds.

Tim wanted a new start. In Detective Comics #981 by James Tynion IV and Eddy Barrows, Bruce and Tim have a discussion where Tim expresses how he wants to put aside the mantle of Red Robin (for a while) and attend college. Thankfully, Bruce finally lets Tim go and forge his own destiny.

4 Telling Duke Thomas About The Enormous Potential He Has To Be A Great Hero (Batman And The Signal)

Bruce Wayne and Duke Thomas as Batman and The Signal

Duke Thomas is the Signal, one of Batman’s most recently-introduced partners. Duke is a metahuman with still-developing abilities and has quickly become one of Batman’s most reliable allies.

Batman lets Duke know how he feels about him with the following line: “You’re a metahuman hero, forged in shadows who can crack the codes of daytime. You’re a gift to this city.” This came from Batman and the Signal #3 by Scott Snyder, Tony Patrick, and Cully Hamner.

3 Offering To Adopt Tim Drake After The Death Of His Father (Batman)

During the events of Identity CrisisTim’s father Jack Drake and Captain Boomerang killed one another, leaving Tim Drake an orphan. He’d already spent some considerable time as Robin, and Batman offered to officially adopt Tim Drake as a son. However, Tim turned him down.

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A year later Batman #654 by James Robinson and Don Kramer, Batman makes the offer to Tim again, and Tim accepts–officially becoming Batman’s son.

two Making Amends With Red Hood After Arsenal’s Death (Red Hood: Outlaw)

Red Hood Jason Todd Robin Batman

Heroes in Crisis saw the death of many younger heroes, including Roy Harper (aka Arsenal). Roy and Jason Todd had become close friends as two-thirds of the Outlaws team and being the two “screw-up” sidekicks to Green Arrow and Batman respectively.

Jason was turned up over Roy’s death. Jason and Bruce weren’t exactly on good terms at this point, but Batman still sought out the Red Hood to comfort him in the wake of his best friend’s death. The two even shared a nice hug. This takes place in Red Hood: Outlaw #27 by Scott Lobdell and Pete Woods.

one When Batman Moved Heaven And Earth To Get His Son Back (Batman And Robin)

Damian Wayne Flies Through The Night.

In a war between Batman Incorporated and the League of Assassins, Robin (aka Damian Wayne) dueled a clone called Heretic. This ended with Heretic killing Damian and Batman spiraling downward. Bruce went a week without taking off the costume and became more brutal with petty criminals.

Batman goes to extreme lengths to recover Damian’s body, obtain an item called the Chaos Crystal, and confront Darkseid himself to gain access to the Omega Sanction. In the end, Batman was able to combine these things and bring his son back to life, which is one of the most amazing feats of fatherhood Bruce Wayne has ever managed.

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