Local publisher aims to shine a light on overlooked LGBT voices

According to Ian Henzel, a “rattling good yarn” is a British term for a riveting story, a good read. And thanks to Henzel and his husband of 34 years, writer St Sukie de la Croix, the world now has even more good yarns to read. And they’re coming from right here in the Coachella Valley.

Nearly eight years ago, Henzel and de la Croix relocated to the desert from Chicago. After 42 years working in software marketing development and product management, Henzel took the bold step of reinventing himself professionally, and at age 63, founded a publishing company.

“My husband was having difficulty with a publisher not paying royalties,” he says, “and so I got involved.” After questioning the sales reports the pair had gotten from the publisher, Henzel, who had long sought a more creative career, had a thought. “I said: ‘Let’s try doing this ourselves.'”

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