The 10 Most Powerful Versions Of DC’s Most Popular Heroes

DC Comics crossover events are some of the most bombastic storylines in all comics. Every five years or so, a large-scale event occurs like an evil god attempting to destroy or resurrect the infinite universes. Thankfully, DC’s heroes are always present to stop them.

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However, when these threats prove too much, the standard versions of DC’s heroes usually adopt a new power or weapon that grants them a boost. These changes are usually temporary. If these new powers are permanent, they probably acquired them in an alternate universe. Creators have taken advantage of DC’s limitless narrative potential, granting their heroes new and amazing powers every chance they get.

10 Batman Acquires Infinite Knowledge

As the New 52 era came to close, the Justice League faced both Darkseid and the Anti-Monitor. The worlds of both villains collided, endowing members of the Justice League with new and terrifying powers. Batman took Metron’s spot on the Mobius chair, gaining virtually all knowledge of the known universe.

Batman first asks the chair who killed his parents. Then he asks for the true identity of the Joker and is shocked by the answer. The chair provides answers that only he hears. Batman graduated from the World’s Greatest Detective to the universe’s smartest being. For better or worse, his time atop the chair was short.

9 The Evil Shazam Of Earth 3

Earth 3 is an alternate universe where the perceptions of good and evil are reversed. The villains of our universe are members of the Justice League there. And alternate versions of our heroes are known as the villainous Crime Syndicate. In the New 52, ​​the Crime Syndicate’s origins were altered and a new member was added: Mazahs, Alexander Luthor, the evil Shazam of Earth 3.

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In this universe, Alexander Luthor has the power to absorb the powers of anyone he kills. With the accumulation of the powers of Johnny Quick, Deathstorm, Bizzaro, and countless others, Mazahs is by far the strongest member of the Syndicate.

8 Martian Manhunter Becomes Fernus

Martian Manhunter becomes Fernus

Fernus is what happens when Martian Manhunter loses control of his mind and powers through his weakness of fire. His martian physiology from him shifts to control fire instead and the result is a Martian Manhunter that is made of pure rage and power.

Under the name Fernus, J’onn J’onzz’s regular powers of super strength, super speed, telepathy, invisibility, and more are amped up. Along with his enhanced existing abilities, Fernus can manipulate fire and heal his body to the point that he’s just shy of being immortal. Needless to say, it required the entire Justice League to stop him and return J’onn to the way he was.

7 White Lantern Kyle Rayner

White Lantern Kyle Rayner 1

Kyle Rayner frequently possesses more power than the average Green Lantern. At one point, he was the only Green Lantern. After that, he was the vessel for Ion – the entity of willpower – and during the New 52, ​​he wore a power ring from each of the Lantern Corps simultaneously. However, that strain on his body nearly killed him.

Shortly after, thanks to Kyle’s experience with all seven emotions, he forged a white ring and became the White Lantern. Where each of the Lantern Corps uses one universal emotion for their power like fear, rage, or love, the white ring grants Kyle access to all emotions and power over life and creation.

6 Silver Age/Pre-Crisis Supergirl

Kara Zor-El is the last daughter of Argo City. During its destruction of her, she was saved and sent to Earth where she united with her cousin, Superman. Supergirl possesses the same powers as Superman, or generally any other Kryptonian while “under a yellow sun.” There’s a debate, however, as to whether she’s stronger than her cousin.

On numerous occasions, especially during the Silver Age of comics, Kara demonstrated immense power. She once traveled through space so fast that she broke reality. When the Anti-Monitor attacked in Crisis on Infinite EarthsSupergirl held her own against the universe-destroying monster, ultimately dying shortly after.

5 Cyborg From The Flashpoint Timeline

in the flash point mini-series and many tie-in books, an alternate timeline was created from the actions of both Barry Allen and the Reverse Flash. This new, dark timeline features far fewer heroes than we’re used to seeing. No one has heard of Superman. Batman is a killer. And Cyborg is America’s top superhero.

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In this universe, Cyborg leads a resistance team against the warring forces of Themyscira and Atlantis. Cyborg is remarkably more machine than man. His genius-level intelligence combined with his cybernetic abilities makes him one of the strongest people on the planet – and one of the strongest versions of Cyborg in comics.

4 The Flash Of The Kingdom Come Universe

In kingdom come, the heroes we’re familiar with have retired and been replaced with younger, more reckless heroes and vigilantes who think of themselves as gods. Their recklessness forces an aged Superman, as well as many classic Justice League members, out of retirement. Wally West – the Flash of this world – is one of them.

At some point, Wally West abandoned his civilian identity to become the Flash full-time. He now runs constantly from crisis to crisis. He’s moving so constantly and so fast that he perpetually looks like a blur. Even the Specter comments on his speed, saying that Wally “lives between the ticks of a second.”

3 Witchmarked Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman’s origins were altered in 2011 during the New 52 relaunch. Originally, she was molded from magical clay. During the New 52, ​​she was revealed to be the daughter of Zeus, making her a demigod. In the 2018 crossover between the wonder-woman series and the Justice League Dark series, her roots were altered once again.

When Diana was a child, she was marked by the witch-goddess Hecate. During the crossover event, Hecate takes control of her and endows her with magical powers. Along with Wonder Woman’s already impressive list of powers, she had access to dark magic and witchcraft.

two Hal Jordan Becomes The God Of Light

Hal Jordan becomes the God of Light

During the events of Darkseid War, many Justice League members were given new powers. Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern power ring fused with a Mother Box from Apokolips. This merging made Hal the “God of Light.” With everything composed of light under his command, Hal had god-like powers over all of reality.

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This version of Hal only sticks around for one issue, so the true extent of his power is unknown. Based on what we see, Hal can travel through time and manipulate the universe. The merged Mother Box and power ring even tell him that he is “no longer bound by time and space” (whatever that means).

one superman one million

Superman Prime One Million

During the DC One Million series written by Grant Morrison, Superman left the planet after all his loved ones had passed away. He traveled through most of the DC universe before returning to the sun where he stayed until the 853rd century.

In that time, Superman absorbed so much of the sun’s radiation that he enhanced his powers to unknown levels. When he returned to Earth, he glowed with sunlight. Along with limitless versions of his usual powers, Superman One Million was apparently immortal and could bestow fractions of his limitless power from him to others.

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