10 Marvel Redesigns That Make No Sense

It can be a fairly common occurrence for fans to see a costume redesign for either story reasons or to help draw in interest to a struggling book or reinvigorate one that has gone stale. Sometimes these costume changes are well-received and keep returning over the years like Spider-Man’s black suit, though that isn’t always the case.

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Given the ongoing nature of the Marvel universe that has maintained a consistent continuity for decades, there have been a number of character redesigns that not only fell flat with fans but also didn’t make much sense. These redesigns suffered from odd creative choices, ’90s excess, or just poor designs that some fans would rather forget.

10 Magneto’s Pink Heroic Costume Has Thankfully Never Returned Since He Abandoned It

After years spent fighting against the X-Men to achieve his own dream of mutant superiority, Magneto found himself softening toward humanity in the 80s. I have decided to work alongside the X-Men and took on the new identity of Michael Xavier. He also abandoned the recognizable armor of Magneto and adopted what he felt was a more superhero-appropriate look.

Looking past the bad design of his new sleeveless bodysuit and long arm gloves, the giant M that extended down his torso did little to hide his identity. Magneto’s heroic time with the X-Men was short-lived, as was this costume. It evolved into a more basic formal pink suit before he reverted back to his classic armor from him.

9 Thor’s ’90s Redesign Included Unnecessary Straps, Shoulder Pads, And Excessive Body Armor

The ’90s weren’t always the best time for superhero redesigns, as there were edgy new elements that began working their way into the costumes of the era. Thor didn’t escape the trend of ’90s redesigns, as he also ditched his familiar Asgardian costume and adopted something more suited to the era.

When he wasn’t just operating shirtless, Thor wore a dark costume with a skintight half-shirt, thigh straps, shoulder pads, and other pieces of body armor that didn’t make much sense for the Thunder God to wear. He obviously didn’t need the extra protection if he also worked shirtless and he never carried extra gear to necessitate the extra pouches or straps.

8 Spider-Woman’s Newest Redesign Lost What Made The Character’s Previous Look So Iconic

There have been quite a few costume redesigns for the various characters that have used the name Spider-Woman over the years, though Jessica Drew had remained fairly consistent with their original costume for decades. She first altered it in 2015 because she was starting a new chapter in her life away from the Avengers as she started her private investigation firm.

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Her new costume was a more casual look that effectively allowed her to suit up for action quickly. While that costume had quite a few fans, she had yet another new costume designed when she began working with the strike force team that wasn’t as well received. Her new costume de ella abandoned her iconography in exchange for Spider-Man’s usual webbing motif which lost the character a bit.

7 Captain America Was Given A ’90s Armored Suit By Iron Man When He Lost His Powers

Captain America in his armored exoskeleton

After the super-soldier serum that enhanced Steve Rogers and allowed him to become Captain America was dangerously altered after a chemical explosion, he was forced to remove it from his body. This led to further complications as he lost his enhanced abilities and his body began to weaken and deteriorate without the super-soldier serum.

Thankfully he has brilliant friends like Tony Stark and Hank Pym who designed a powerful exoskeleton that returned him to the action with simulated abilities. Unfortunately, the armored look didn’t really work for Captain America and it was retired after he recovered and regained his enhanced strength and agility.

6 Daredevil Started Wearing A New Armored Suit To Protect Himself And Hide His Identity

Following a vicious fight that left him bruised and bleeding and his costume in tatters, Matt Murdock needed to create a new Daredevil costume to deal with an extreme sect of The Hand. However, his personal life was also in tatters as his secret identity had been leaked to the press, leading him to fake his death and redesign his Daredevil costume.

His new costume adopted a red-and-grey color scheme that featured metallic armor, shoulder pads, and gauntlets. He pretended that he was a completely different Daredevil as well, which didn’t actually help distance himself from the recently deceased Murdock at all. The suit has a few fans who love the design, but his reason for the change of him did not help him hide his identity at all.

5 Wasp Was Transformed Into A Monstrous Form That Matched Her Namesake In “The Crossing”

Janet van Dyne was a founding Avenger who took on the name of The Wasp due to her size-changing ability, flight-capable wings, and powerful bio-electric sting that she wore as the costumed partner of Ant-Man. While she probably has a record for the most superhero costumes ever worn by one character, van Dyne went through a huge redesign in the 90s that changed everything.

During The Crossing event, The Wasp was severely injured in a battle with a Kang-controlled Iron Man. Hoping to save her life, Hank Pym re-exposed her to the same procedure that gave her powers, triggering a transformation into a monstrous insect-like creature. Her new look de ella did n’t make much sense, though she did get a power boost until she reverted back to her original form.

4 Wolverine’s De-Evolution Into A Feral Beast Was A Thankfully Short-Lived Redesign

Feral Noseless Wolverine

Another odd redesign from the 90s was the choice to return Wolverine following his encounter with Tyler Dayspring/Genesis, who attempted to forcibly rebond Logan with the adamantium that Magneto had ripped off his bones in the Fatal Attraction event. Not only did the procedure fail, but it sent his body into shock and triggered a further animalistic mutation.

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His features turned more bestial which for some reason included the loss of his nose, and his body regressed into a more feral form. He began working with Elektra to regain the man he used to be, though his feral form lasted until he was finally rebonded to the adamantium by Apocalypse in his transformation into the Horseman known as Death.

3 Hawkeye Doubled Down On The Purple Skirt Design For One Of His Worst Costumes Ever

Hawkeye tunic skirt revealing costumes

Clint Barton is no stranger to bad costumes, as he has made a few questionable wardrobe choices over the years as the Avenger known as Hawkeye. Following his brief stint as the size-changing hero Goliath, Barton returned to his Hawkeye identity. However, he chose a new purple tunic and headband instead of his usual pointed mask.

He also doubled down on the skirt that he sported in his original costume, though he ditched the apparently useless pants to expose a bit more vulnerable skin to his enemies. This poor design choice thankfully did n’t last for too long and he returned to his classic look.

two Spider-Man’s Streaming Suit Didn’t Make Much Sense For A Hero With A Secret Identity

Spider-Man in his new costume spinning webs

Spider-Man has worn quite a few different costumes over the years, though not all of them have been as popular as his black symbiote suit. More recently, he took on a new job with the Threats & Menaces online news show that came with an advanced new costume that featured enhanced strength and agility as well as improved web-shooters.

However, the suit was also capable of broadcasting a live feed of the action to subscribers from cameras that were planted throughout the suit. While Spider-Man ultimately had control over when the cameras were filming, it still seemed risky for a superhero with a secret identity to have a live feed on his costume that could be hacked like any computer webcam.

one Invisible Woman’s Costume Became See-Through Even When She Wasn’t Using Her Powers

Invisible Woman and the Fantastic Four in their 90s costumes

The Fantastic Four usually redesign their costumes as a team to keep their look unified, though the members have occasionally branched off with their own designs over the years. The most unforgettable redesign that also didn’t make much sense for the character was Sue Storm-Richards’ risque new look in the 90s.

She debuted a new costume that featured a number of cutouts including a “boob window” and bare midriff as well as thigh-high boots and long gloves. The exposed costume did n’t fit with Invisible Woman’s usually more modest design choices, which was eventually revealed to be due to the influence of her dark Malice persona.

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