Texarkana author releases new children’s book

TEXARKANA, Texas — Cynthia Tyous, a local educator and author, recently released a new children’s book called “God’s Closet.”

This is Tyous’s second children’s book, the first one being “Can Pink Elephants Fly?” which was published in 2009.

Based on the memory of Tyous’s sister, “God’s Closet” features a character named Catharyn. Catharyn is inspiring, encouraging and she supports the needs of the community — even though the task was too big for Catharyn.

The community pitched in; and with perseverance and determination, God’s Closet became a gift that continued to give. Catharyn’s journey in “God’s Closet” teaches readers that life is better with friends.

“It’s in memory of my sister,” Tyous said. “She passed away several years back. And it’s just encouraging young people to never, ever give up on their dreams. It teaches love for the neighbor, which is one of the greatest gifts there is – love for the next person. It also teaches about community service.”

Born in Texarkana, Ark., Tyous grew into a writer after she started journaling about her own life. She took some journalism classes here locally and used her platform to try and create a positive message that young people could follow.

“I love to write,” she said. “I’ve had so many events in my life, and I journaled about them. This happens to be one of my journals.”

By day, Tyous is a student and family engagement specialist at Liberty-Eylau Independent School District, regularly working with students within the district. She holds a bachelor of arts and science in Organizational Leadership.

She said working with children and students is what steered her towards the children’s book avenue.

“Being with young people is empowering,” she said. “I tell the kids when I’m with them to write things down and journal things. And then if you want to go back you can tweak it however you want, but just get your thoughts down on paper. And it kind of helps them to sell, also.”

Tyous said she wrote this book years back but is just now getting the word out about it. She hopes it has a positive effect on the youth here in the Texarkana area, as well as parents.

“It’s just encouraging for the youth, or for the adults who are young at heart. So, it’s a great read for the kids, but it’s encouraging for the parents too,” she said.

Tyous’s favorite quote is “Be the change that you want to see.” She said she tries to convey this message in each of her publications of her.

(You can be reached by her email at [email protected] or on social media at the following username: @authorcynthiatyous. To see about purchasing “God’s Closet,” visit amazon.com/Gods-Closet-Cynthia-Tyous/dp/173760227X/ref=sr_1_1?crid=20O9U7LJCYB18&keywor online.)


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