The 10 Strongest Gods From Indie Comics, Ranked

Independent comics are fertile ground for stories and premises that wouldn’t be published at the Big Two. Whereas Marvel and DC publish primarily superhero comics, one can find all manner of genres at Image, IDW, Dark Horse, Boom! Studios, Oni Press, Titan, and their contemporaries. There are some truly brilliant books on offer at these publishing houses.

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Independent comics are no stranger to telling stories of gods interacting with mortals and other divine beings. Even though these gods aren’t battling superheroes and villains, they are nonetheless still incredibly powerful–they did earn the title of god, after all. Some of the gods of independent comics possess truly frightening power.

10 Persephone Was Able To End The Cycle Of Wicked + Divine

The Wicked + The Divine by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie tells of an eternal cycle called the Recurrence that takes place every 90 years. The gods of the Pantheon inhabit the body of young humans, live for two years, and then the body is burned out, killing them. The Recurrence has been taking place for millennia, and, in 2013, Persephone inhabited the body of a young woman named Laura Wilson.

Someone starts killing the gods of the Pantheon to stave off an entity called the Great Darkness. Over the course of the story, Persephone is able to free most of the gods from this Recurrence and break the wheel of history.

9 Ananke/Minerva Manipulated The Rest Of The Wicked + Divine Pantheon

Ananke/Minerva is the one killing the other gods of the Pantheon in The Wicked + The Divine and has been manipulating them all from the shadows. Ananke was the true Great Darkness and she contrived this threat to create the Recurrence so that she could be reincarnated every 90 years. She was able to manipulate the other “gods” in her orbit of her to continue this cycle every time, despite their own power of her.

To continue the cycle, Ananke must kill four gods every time so they can generate the necessary energy for reincarnation. She was able to transfer her consciousness from her to the body of Minerva in the 2013 Recurrence, and she succeeded in ensuring another Recurrence, at least for herself. However, the surviving gods were able to escape the cycle without burning out their human bodies.

8 Malebolgia Created The Hellspawns In Spawn

Spawn kills Malebolgia Spawn 100

Malebolgia (this version created by Todd MacFarlane) is the demonic ruler of Hell who struck the deal with Albert Simmons to send him back to Earth as a Hellspawn. Simmons took up the name Spawn and began serving his own agenda despite Malebolgia’s protests from him. Malebolgia ends up sending out the Violator to bring back Spawn.

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Malebolgia had ruled his circle of Hell for 70,000 years, but he is not the true ruler of Hell. Malebolgia is one of its most powerful forces, but the true ruler is Satan. Malebolgia managed to be resurrected after being killed by Spawn.

7 Hellboy Killed Just About All The Major Demons In Hell After His Death

After Mike Mignola’s Hellboy was killed, he returned to Hell and began to cut a bloody swath through the lords of the pit. I have watched Astaroth be consumed by the Leviathan before killing the Leviathan and his brother, Behemoth. He then went on to kill Satan himself.

Of course, this all took place after almost 70 years on Earth fighting every kind of supernatural threat under the sun with the Right Hand of Doom. Hellboy may be a demonic deity, but he has earned the right to be called a god for sure and is one of the most powerful ones in indie comics.

6 The Darkness Is A Primordial Being Of Chaos And Destruction

The Darkness, created by Marc Silvestri, David Wohl, and Garth Ennis, is a primordial being that represents chaos, evil, and destruction. It is an immensely powerful force that is passed from father to sun across generations. It grants its wielder the power to summon lesser demons in addition to giving the host impenetrable armor and limitless strength.

The Darkness itself has been at war with its inverse, the Angelus, for eternity and has yet to be destroyed. It and the Angelus once mated, creating the Witchblade–another immensely powerful lifeform.

5 The Angelus Is A Being Of Pure Light And Order That Opposes The Darkness

The Angelus revealing itself Cropped

Angelus is the inversion of the Darkness. He it is a being of light and order that, unlike the Darkness, is not weakened by light or dark. It is at times ruthless in its pursuit of perfect order and its conception of justice.

Like the Darkness, the Angelus has taken several hosts, and they are granted seemingly limitless power as well. While the Angelus pursues his own version of order and justice, it is not always considerate of the mortals that are caught in his wake. The Angelus has been downright cruel to some individuals, and it doesn’t make its hosts instantly moral either.

4 The Satan Of Spawn And Babyteeth Lives Up To His Namesake

Satan from Hellboy calling out

Satan has appeared in several comics. Lucifer was in The Wicked + The Divinehe is a recurring figure in both hell boy and spawnhe orders Shrae to save the monsters of Dark Ark by Cullen Bunn and Juan Doe, and it is the father of Clark in babyteeth by Donny Cates and Garry Brown.

In almost every incarnation, Satan seems to live up to his reputation, being a destructive and frightening force of evil–or just hedonism in the case of The Wicked + The Divine. The Satan of babyteeth is particularly memorable for his vast army, destructive demeanor, general cruelty, and the unholy majesty of the Red Realm.

3 The Empty Man From The Empty Man Infected The World With Its Psychological Plague


The Empty Man by Cullen Bunn and Vanesa R. Del Rey is an apocalyptic psychological horror, with the Empty Man disease causing people to break out into violence, rage, and hallucinations before they eventually die. The infected individuals blame their actions on the mysterious Empty Man.

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The second volume of The Empty Man reveals the Empty Man himself, or rather what the Empty Man has become. Through the belief, the Empty Man has become manifest. Even if it’s not a singular entity, the Empty Man has become a god that can swallow the world.

two Yahweh Is A Character And Presence In Spawn, Hellboy, And Other Comics

God from Spawn Cropped

Like Satan, God/Yahweh/Jehovah/El has shown up in several comics. He is among the most powerful beings in the universe and is generally considered the creator of everything. Yahweh is particularly a remarkable character in spawn, hell boyand Dark Ark.

It’s hard to find a god in any independent comic that can outdo the omnipotent and omniscient creator of all of reality. Admittedly, Yahweh in hell boy is more of a concept and may really just be the accumulation of the creative forces that gave birth to existence.

one The Mother Of Existence/Man Of Miracles Is A Higher Being Than God In Spawn

Mother of Existence from Spawn destroying a world Cropped

the spawn universe did manage to create an entity that is likely more powerful than Yahweh, as it is the literal mother of God. In spawnGod and Satan are the twin children of the Mother of Existence, also known as the Man of Miracles.

The Mother of Existence is an agender being that gave birth to all of reality and is explicitly more powerful than God or Satan. In fact, the Mother of Existence is quite disappointed with God and Satan. The Mother of Existence is angry that God and Satan have spent all this time fighting one another and creating the conflicts that plague the Earth. However, the Mother of Existence loves humanity despite the nature of their creation of her at the hands of God and Satan.

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