The Book of Boba Fett Cured Star Wars’ Most Heartbreaking Issue

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Star Wars: The Book of Boba FettChapter 7: In the Name of Honor,” streaming now on Disney+.

Daddy issues have been the most heartbreaking problem in the starwars universe. It’s a malady the old trilogy regurgitated with Anakin Skywalker losing faith in his seniors, only to rely on Palpatine as a father figure. Darth Vader only ironed out his problems with Luke when he was on the verge of dying.

In the sequel trilogy Kylo Ren hated and killed Han Solo for neglecting him, while both Kylo and Rey were manipulated by a reborn Palpatine taking on a warped dad sort of role. Even Snoke with Kylo compounded how much starwars loved dysfunctional parent-child relationships that often ended in violence and death. Luckily, The Book of Boba Fett finale not only left the door open for Season 2 but cured this problem in the most wholesome manner.

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The Mandalorian and Grogu travel the galaxy

When Din Djarin dropped the Beskar armor off for Grogu, as much as fans wanted Baby Yoda to become a Jedi under Luke Skywalker, it felt more organic for him to return to the Mandalorian. After all, Din looked after the kid on so many adventures together, bonding with him like his own son. That bond helped Din rediscover the compassion and humanity inside, which convinced him he was better than he thought. The duo were made for each other.

Thankfully R2-D2 brought Grogu back to Tatooine in the Book of Boba Fett finale because Grogu answered Luke’s slightly questionable ultimatum: he chose Din to take care of him. He didn’t care about training or the way of the warrior; the child just wanted to be with the dude he missed so much. Peli Motto took him to Mando, and even though it was in the middle of the firefight on Mos Espa, what ensued was pure joy.

As Din jumped into Peli’s racer, evading gunfire from Cad Bane and the Pyke Syndicate’s legion, I found Grogu hidden in the seat. Din was stunned, asking the kid what the heck he was doing back on the dusty planet — but before he could finish Grogu leapt off using the Force, he jumped into Mando’s arms and embraced him. Din reciprocated, crafting the perfect hug in the heat of battle. The fact Baby Yoda could barely walk, yet went all in on this hug said everything — creating one of modern pop culture’s cutest, most nuanced scenes.

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Grogu hugs Din Djarin

What resonated so strongly was that this scene outdid the idea of ​​a child or protege meeting a Force Ghost or a shell from the past like Rey, Luke and Yoda, or Luke embracing a broken Vader on the Death Star, or even when Kylo became Ben again after seeing Han’s memory. This hug wasn’t about destiny or the mystical Force. It was about living life in the present.

It also embodied the spirit of love and unity — the same attachments the Jedi feared in Luke. By bucking the very principles of the Order, it showed that Din and Grogu were really meant to carve their own path: not as besties, but as father and son roaming the galaxy. Now that the question of if Grogu would choose Din has been resolved, fans can now start asking where they might go in The Mandalorian Season 3, which might premiere as early as Christmas 2022.

See how Din Djarin and Grogu reunited in The Book of Boba Fett, with all seven episodes of Season 1 streaming now on Disney+.

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