Watertown author starts publishing company

Watertown resident Jacky Lamenzo recently started her own publishing company, Lemon House Publishing.

“When I held my book in my hands for the first time, it was such an exhilarating and proud moment that my next thought was, how can I give this feeling to others?” And it was that very thought that inspired former elementary teacher and Watertown resident, Jacky Lamenzo, to start her own company, Lemon House Publishing. To date, Lemon House Publishing has helped over 150 students in the area write their own children’s books, leading to over 1,500 book sales on Amazon.

Starting a company amid the pandemic proved to be a challenge, but it was the very thing that inspired Lamenzo to seek out teaching in a unique way. She recognized not only did elementary kids need an outlet for creativity but also their teachers. Suddenly, LHP is not only an opportunity for the writer but also for the teacher.

“I want to provide a setting where teachers feel valued and their efforts in helping our students are driven by their passion,” said Lamenzo.

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