Another Look At What The Bengals Said

The Bengals savored the support from the fans that they saw in LA and Cincy.

Hubbard: “I think it means a lot. I think (we) made a lot of people happy. We came up short, but I think people really enjoyed cheering for us this year. The support that we felt, I felt from them was amazing and all I want to do is just keep playing hard for them and take that next step.”

Burrow was sacked seven times, limped off the field with 11:38 left with a right knee injury and came back.

Awuzie: “That’s expected of him. He’s a warrior. A pure warrior. He’s a stone-cold killer. We all know that and I think the whole world is starting to understand that. There’s one quarterback that I love to play for and it’s him. We have his back, he has our back. You could tell he wants to win. … It’s going to come.”

Reader: “Joe Burrow is a warrior. He’s the toughest guy that I know. …. Of course, I want to keep him upright but he’s the toughest player (and) person I’ve ever met in my life. He doesn’t complain. Doesn’t say anything. He just gets up time after time after time after time after time, again. It is what it is, he’s a ballplayer. You don’t meet very many people like that He’s definitely a generational player. He’s going to be special.”

McPherson: “I think it just shows Joe’s toughness and his willingness to never give up. I think that kind of shows that we are going to be back here if it’s not next year, then it’s the next, or maybe a couple of years. With him leading our team I know that we have a really good chance of winning football games.”

Hubbard: “Joe is one of the toughest guys I know. When he comes off limping there’s no question in my mind that he’s going to go back out there and try and win the game. So it’s just football and I wouldn’t want to go out there with anybody else.”

Uzomah: “He’s the guy. He immediately makes our team better when he’s in the huddle. When he’s calling plays, when he’s in meeting rooms, when he’s in practice telling us how to run things, telling us how he wants things ran.”

Uzomah is a free agent and they’d like to bring him back. He has an idea of ​​the offseason priority:

Uzomah: “You don’t want your quarterback to get hit one time, let alone how many times it was, not even counting the things that weren’t sacks but just hits in general. It has been tough. You don’t want to see your franchise quarterback get hit as many times as he did.

Taylor: “I feel really great about the future, but you know, like I mentioned, we can’t just assume because we had a great 2021 it’s going to be easy next year. Every year is its own entity, right now we just have to do a great job of appreciating what we had together for this 2021 season and get back and ready to fight for next season.”

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