Doctor Strange 2 Will Return to WandaVision’s Westview Home

Audiences have gotten their best look yet at Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, with a new trailer airing during the Super Bowl showcasing the Sorcerer Supreme navigating the perilous multiverse. While the trailer provided a look at some new characters joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe and a surprisingly familiar voice, Wanda Maximoff’s role in the film is expanded upon in new footage. Interestingly, this includes a direct callback to a key setting from the MCU television series WandaVision, and Wanda’s failed attempt to craft her own happily ever after.

WandaVision saw Wanda and Vision embark on artificial domesticity in the small New Jersey town of Westview despite Vision being killed by Thanos in Avengers: Endgame. For inspiration, Wanda’s constructed reality imitated the classic sitcoms that she grew up watching, with Wanda and Vision’s marital bliss joined by two young sons. After learning that Wanda was manipulated by the evil witch Agatha Harkness, the family defeated Agatha and restored Westview, but it resulted in Wanda losing Vision and their children from her. And although Wanda appeared to have left Westview behind, The Multiverse of Madness‘ Latest trailer confirms Wanda will revisit her attempt at suburban life in the MCU film.

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One of the scenes briefly teased in the Doctor Strange Super Bowl trailer has Wanda back in her home from WandaVision, only, as an added twist, there are two Wandas present. One Wanda appears as she did in the modern sitcom era from the end of WandaVision, matching the interior layout of the Westview house at that time, while the other Wanda is dressed in her Scarlet Witch garb. More than a simple vision of the past, the Westview Wanda appears to be comforting her magically dressed counterpart, going as far as to caress her face as the two potentially commiserate over their shared personal tragedies in this domestic setting.

The full extent of Scarlet Witch’s enhanced powers are still currently unknown, and it’s unclear if Wanda has traveled back in time to visit her past self in Westview, but, given the premise of The Multiverse of Madness, Wanda may have instead traveled to an alternate timeline where another Wanda is still living incognito in New Jersey. the Doctor Strange sequel has already confirmed multiple versions of Stephen Strange appearing in the film, and multiple Wanda Maximoffs would be a natural extension of this. The main version of Wanda laments at being reviled as a villain for tampering with the fabric of reality, and the Wanda of this version of Westview could remind her prime timeline counterpart of who she is de ella and help her work de ella through her grief and trauma to her.

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Vision and Wanda say goodbye

Both Stephen Strange and Wanda Maximoff have glaring things left to answer for going into The Multiverse of Madness, with both characters blamed for altering reality for their own ends. Strange faces a multiversal tribunal to determine his fate while Wanda confronts someone much more personal and in an uncomfortably familiar place as she revisits a vision of Westview. The New Jersey town carries a lot of painful history and emotional weight for Wanda, and, in finding her own sense of redemption, she may have to go back to the heartbreaking WandaVision setting to overcome her inner demons and stand among Earth’s Mightiest Heroes once again.

To see Wanda return to Westview, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness opens in theaters May 6.

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