Documentary on Infamous Television Psychic Miss Cleo in the Works

Anyone who grew up watching TV in the 90s is sure to remember the iconic commercials featuring the psychic Miss Cleo. In an intriguing and genius move, XTR, a nonfiction film studio, and production company Majority will be teaming up to bring the larger-than-life story surrounding the infamous “spiritualist” to the world in documentary form. Signed on to direct is critically acclaimed filmmaker Senain Kheshgiknown for her Award-winning work on films like District 15, The Diplomatand Project Kashmir.

For those unfamiliar with the tarot card turner, Miss Cleo was an alleged psychic whose powers were advertised during television commercial breaks. While giving her de ella spiel de ella, the psychic’s phone number would be displayed on the screen, beckoning those looking for guidance to give her a ring. The number led to the Psychic Readers Network, which was a pay-per-call service where countless clients went to have their questions answered.


What we didn’t know at the time was that Miss Cleo’s real name was Youree Dell Harris. And that wasn’t the only falsehood that would come to light. Claiming to be Jamaican, Harris was actually an Angeleno, living in Los Angeles her entire life. As the secrets unraveled, her clairvoyant persona de ella fell apart even further as she was revealed to be an actress and playwright that was only hired to play the woman with extraordinary abilities.


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Not even Miss Cleo could predict what happened next. In 2002, the curtain fell on the Psychic Readers Network after the Federal Trade Commission launched an investigation. The network and its owners were charged with deceptive advertising, billing, and collection practices, snuffing out the candles surrounding Miss Cleo’s reign of her.

In a statement surrounding the documentary’s announcement, Kheshgi said that she is unsure whether Harris was an “accomplice” or a “victim” in the network’s scheme. She goes on to say that the story is important to tell as it sheds light on the marginalizing of brown and Black women in both “society and pop culture.” Kheshgi promises viewers that she will be taking a deep look at the real Harris and how she “found a way to navigate her life de ella on her own terms,” something the director says she is “moved by.”

The documentary, which has yet to be named, will be executive produced by XTR’s Bryan Mooser, Kathryn Everett, justin lacob, abazar khayamiand India Wadsworth.

Sadly, Harris passed away from cancer back in 2016 at the age of 53, so we won’t be hearing from her in the doc, however Kheshgi will be bringing in people from the creative’s past to help tell her story. As of now, the film has no release date.

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