Author Patrick Clarke’s 5-Book Package is a Bundle of Suspense, Tragedy and Adventure

The books take you on an emotional rollercoaster journey that keeps you hooked until the very end of the story. The mesmerizing saga is a reflection of the author’s vivid imagination and abundant creativity.

UNITED STATES – Do You Know Who You Really Are? Author Patrick Clarke says, “No. We Really Don’t Know Who We Are.” Patrick is a critically acclaimed writer whose work spans the popular genre of action, adventure, fantasy, and mystery. Patrick recently now announced that the set of five of his popular books by him is available as a package for sale to the public through and KDP.

Announcing his 5-book package, Patrick said, “I invite my readers to join me and explore the myriad of possibilities of the human Body and Spirit in our earthly journey of fantasy, legends & folklore. Through the pages of my books, let your thoughts wander along the trails of human emotions and senses, to the realization that, from childhood to now, We Are A Little More Than A Collection Of Memories. Look into the mirror and observe a reflection of our transient selves, and learn that We Really Don’t Know Who We Are.”

Patrick is a renowned writer and filmmaker who began his career as production manager of feature films and documentaries. He also sold stock shots of certain flora and fauna found in the Amazon to other film companies. Stage actor, singer, dancer, producer of stage plays and national pageants, special events programs, and musical performance shows, are part of his portfolio.

In his books, Patrick has weaved spellbinding plots filled with mystery, love, revenge, and blended with hints of personal insights to create splendid literature. The books present amazing and soulful thoughts through the lives of fictional characters. Through his books by him, the author shares a new perspective on self-discovery and self-realization, that will keep the readers captivated till the very end. The author has infused his creativity and imagination in writing and curating this lovely collection of books.

The offer includes a set of 5 books, each one written as a 3-part series. All books are written in the action, adventure, fantasy, and mystery genres.

The package on offer includes the following books:

Secrets of the lost Jaguar – 3 Episodes.

ADELIAThe Silent Shadow


ADELIA – The Silent Shadow is the first in a series of three books that have been written. The second book – ADELIA 2 – Case of the Privileged Underdog, is expected to be released by September 2022. DOUBLE EXIT 2 will be released in early 2023.

Dedicating his work to his readers, Patrick said, “I am delighted to offer my favorite collection to my readers. Writing is my life and I put my heart and soul into every story I create. Book lovers and especially those who are fond of fiction are going to enjoy reading these books.”

Patrick’s books have been receiving rave reviews from readers across the world.

With all the twists and turns in the plot, the books promise unlimited thrill and entertainment to the readers. As the mysterious plot evolves in the story, it grabs the reader’s attention and keeps them hooked. Every book in the package has something interesting to offer and keeps the readers guessing along the way. Readers will find that the thriller suspense will keep them turning the pages and staying up all night long to read.

The books are available for purchase online in digital and paperback format.

About the Author

Patrick Clarke is a dynamic and multi-talented personality, who enjoys doing multiple things and is brilliant at managing them all with such finesse of a magician. He is a renowned author, printer, writer, stage actor, singer, and ballroom dancer. He is passionate about writing and has the ability to weave magic with his words and imagination that can touch the depths of one’s soul.

He has also produced documentary and feature films, stage plays, national pageants and live musical performances. He also had a career in marketing and advertising, doing research and special promotions for small to medium-sized businesses and developing business models for special theatrical movie film packages.

For more information about the book and other inquiries, send an email or reach out via the website.

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