Final Fantasy 14 Reveals Little Ladies’ Day 2022 Event Rewards

Final Fantasy 14 announces the Little Ladies’ Day event for 2022 and shows off the new cosmetic item players can acquire.

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Final Fantasy 14 just recently wrapped up its winter event season, and is preparing to start its spring cycle. It just announced the first of its spring holiday events with the Little Ladies’ Day 2022 event, “Dressed to Impress.”

This year’s Little Ladies’ Day event in Final Fantasy 14 begins on March 14 and ends early on March 31, meaning players will have just over two weeks to complete it. Like previous iterations, this Little Ladies’ Day event will take place in the city of Ul’dah.


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Players who have reached level 15 can participate in the event, meaning even new players or those on Final Fantasy 14’s free trial can easily participate. The “Fashion Face-off” quest will be available right outside the Ul’dah Aetheryte plaza from a hyur NPC named Marabel once the event begins. Once the quest is completed, players will earn the new Little Lady’s Crown as a cosmetic reward.

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The Little Ladies’ Day event in Final Fantasy 14 is themed after the Japanese Hinamatsuri holiday, also called Doll’s Day or Girls’ Day. A celebration of springtime, Little Ladies’ Day often involves heartfelt stories and making girls feel like princesses for a day. This time, the story seems to be about a beauty contest. While the Songbirds–a popular trio of songstresses–often appear in these events, they do not seem to be featured this time, though they could still make a guest appearance.

Little Ladies’ Day is a popular event with Final Fantasy 14 players, in part due to the touching stories and the rewards, which are often excellent items for glamours. The Little Lady’s Crown reward for this year is quite adorable, and will make a good addition to many outfits. What’s better, the crown can also be worn by viera and hrothgar characters in FF14both of which are notorious for being unable to wear most head pieces due to their ears and animal features respectively.

However, there are some Final Fantasy 14 fans who are disappointed in this year’s Little Ladies’ Day event. There is only a single reward this time, while other runs of the event have had entire outfits, accessories, minions, and even titles. What’s worse, the crown is not dyeable, severely cutting into the number of glamours it can match. that said, Final Fantasy 14 is hard at work on Newfound Adventurethe first upcoming major content patch for Endwalker. While that may explain the light rewards available for this Little Ladies’ Day event, it is still unfortunate to see such a small incentive to complete it.

Final Fantasy 14 is available now for PC, PS4, and PS5.

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