In the First 10 Minutes of the Pilot Carrie Bradshaw Referenced 3 Classic Works

Sex and the City writers weren’t shy about working pop culture references into the script. The show regularly referenced classic movies, novels, and well-known stars and socialites. Some fans might not have noticed how early on in the series that practice began. The show’s writers included pop culture references in the pilot. In fact, Carrie Bradshaw referenced three classic works within the first few minutes of the premiere episode. Did you catch them?

The opening of ‘Sex and the City’ found Carrie recounting a friend’s breakup

Season 1 of Sex and the City was markedly different from later seasons. Carrie spent a lot of time breaking the fourth wall and speaking to the audience. Her monologues from her were also longer. In one of her first voiceovers of her, Carrie recounts the story of her friend’s breakup of her.

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