5 Best Things From Euphoria’s Season 2 Finale (& 5 Worst)

The second season of euphoria was eventful, dramatic, and tense. Each week, fans eagerly waited for the next installation in Euphoria’s story to be released. Audiences often took to social media to discuss their thoughts on each episode, the characters, and their theories about the future of euphoria.

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The season finaleAll My Life, My Heart Has Yearned For A Thing I Cannot Name) was met with praise for the way it handled storylines such as Rue’s addiction. However, fans also had many criticisms. On social media, they addressed scenes they thought could have been included, others they thought could have been cut entirely, and plot points that should have been wrapped up, instead of being dragged on into season three.

Warning: This article contains Euphoria spoilers, as well as mentions of drug addiction and abuse.

10 Best: Rue Looks Clean And Healthy

It is fair to say that Zendaya’s Rue Bennett has had a traumatic season of Euphoria. From run-ins with drug dealers and family arguments to going through withdrawal, it has been a difficult few episodes for the protagonist.

However, seeing Rue appear healthy, and telling viewers that she stayed clean for the rest of the school year, was the best possible conclusion for the character that fans could hope for. Seeing Rue genuinely happy and supporting Lexi also gives fans a lot of hope for the friendship between the two characters.

9 Worst: Jules Was Underused

Rue leaves Jules in Euphoria

Overall this season, Jules returned from a well-developed, nuanced character to an antagonist in Rue’s life. euphoria Reduce Jules to Rue’s on-again-off-again love interest. Following the events of previous episodes (where Jules and Elliot told Rue’s mother that she was using drugs again) fans expected Rue and Jules to have a conversation about what happened and where their relationship stood.

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Though Rue chose to forgive Elliot, fans were left wondering if Jules and Rue will ever even become friends again. Overall, viewers expected her to have more significance, especially in All My Life.

8 Best: Lexi Finally Got Her Moment

lexi play euphoria

Lexi Howard spent most of the first season in the background and as an attachment of other people, portrayed as Cassie’s younger sister or Rue’s naïve friend. However, season two saw Lexi grow into a fleshed-out character.

Lexi spent the second season working on a play about the lives of her school-mates (Cassie, Maddy, Rue, Kat, and Nate) where she got to be the main character. Despite the play creating even more drama between the characters, seeing the support Lexi received from her friends and family was one of the best parts of the episode.

7 Worst: Rue Still Owes Her Dealer $10,000

Laurie used to be a school teacher

Rue borrowed $10,000 worth of drugs from Laurie, with the idea of ​​selling them to kids at school so she would have access to drugs for free. However, when Rue’s mother was informed by Jules and Elliot that Rue was using again, the three of them took the drugs that Rue had hidden in a suitcase and flushed them down the toilet.

Although it cannot be expected for every plot thread to be tied up in All My Lifeit seemed unlikely that Rue would be so calm and collected when she still owes $10,000 and she knows what Laurie is capable of.

6 Best: Ethan’s Performance In The Play

Ethan in Lexi's play in Euphoria

From his introduction in the first season, Ethan has been a quiet, harmless, and uninteresting side character. He only served as Kat’s boyfriend and did not have his own identity of him. However, Lexi’s play changed that. Ethan was the star of the play, playing roles from Cassie and Lexi’s mom to the Nate Jacobs-inspired character of the story, and executed them brilliantly.

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The audience’s reaction to his performance proved how unexpected and out of character it was for Ethan. Even Kat cheered for him by the end of the play.

5 Worst: Elliot’s Never Ending Song

Rue leaves Elliot in Euphoria

In All My Life, Rue had forgiven Elliot for telling her mother about her relapse. She even told him that she thinks he saved her life from her. In response, Elliot plays Rue an original song on his guitar. Not only did this seem an odd thing to do, considering Jules cheated on Rue with Elliot, but the song lasted for four long minutes.

During All My Life‘s broadcast, many fans took to Twitter to express that they thought the song took up valuable time that could have been used to wrap up the multiple unsolved narratives.

4 Best: Cassie And Maddy’s Showdown

cassie howard in bathroom euphoria finale

When Cassie decided to get up on stage and interrupt Lexi’s play, horrified by the scenes that are clearly about her, fans got to witness the fight they had been waiting for all season. Maddy took off her heels and chased Cassie through the school halls. Kat attempted to stop Maddy but BB supported her the whole way.

Cassie is left bloody nosed, embarrassed, and without the boyfriend that they started fighting over in the first place. Maddy tells Cassie, “don’t worry, this is just the beginning.”

3 Worst: Fez Not Making It To Lexi’s Play

fez in the euphoria season 2 finale

All My Life opens with Fez dressed smartly as he gets ready for the play. Armed with flowers and a card addressed to Lexi, fans hoped for the romantic moment between the two that Euphoria’s second season had been teasing.

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However, when Ashtray kills Custer and SWAT arrives at their home, that all changes. Fez is unable to attend the play and Lexi is left staring at the empty, central seat that she reserved for him, wondering why he never turned up. Fans now have to wait until season 3 for this situation to be resolved.

two Best: Suze’s Reaction To The Play

Cassie's mom loves Lexi's play in Euphoria

Suze has tried her best to support her daughters throughout euphoria, but that has not always translated into her actions. However, her reaction from her to Lexi’s play from her proves how much she cares about her. Her response to her was brilliant as she was the most vocal audience member.

She revealed in Ethan’s hyperbolic performance of her and supported Lexi in her choice to depict some difficult topics on stage. Even if it was to Cassie’s detriment, it was nice to see Lexi finally get the attention and praise from her mother that she deserves.

1 Worst: Ashtray And Fez’s Fate

euphoria ash death scene

When SWAT arrives at their home, Fez encourages Ashtray to hide so that he can take the blame for Custer’s death and go to prison instead. However, Ash doesn’t let Fez take the blame and locks himself in the bathroom as the police shoot at him. When the bathroom door is opened, Ashtray shoots at SWAT, sealing his fate.

In a harrowing scene, Fez watches as a remaining SWAT member aims and shoots at Ashtray’s head. Although the shot happened off-screen and some fans hope he is still alive, this scene seemed like a clear ending to Ashtray’s story about him.

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