Bachelor fans think Clayton Echard is ‘single’ as he posts cryptic quote about his past & future before Women Tell All

BACHELOR fans think Clayton Echard is “single” after spotting a cryptic clue on his social media.

The Women Tell All special is due to air on Monday.


Bachelor fans speculate that Clayton Echard might be singleCredit: Clayton Echard/Instagram
I shared a cryptic post ahead of the Women Tell All special


I shared a cryptic post ahead of the Women Tell All specialCredit: ABC
His season of The Bachelor has been dramatic and contentious


His season of The Bachelor has been dramatic and contentiousCredit: ABC

On Sunday, the reality star posted a photo of himself with his back to the camera, looking over one shoulder.

Clayton appeared to be standing in front of a pool wearing a gray long-sleeved shirt and blue pants.

I have captioned the post: “Looking back at my past and future.”

Fans seemed split on what the caption may mean, with some speculating that it signaled that he’s single.

“This is a single thing to post!! No lady would let him post this!!” one fan wrote.

Others, however, seemed to think it might suggest he’s talking about a new love.

“So you are engaged to whoever took the picture?” One fan asked.

Another commented: “The date with Gabby… past… and now she’s future.”

“Does that refer to the person taking the picture?” Another fan wondered in the comments.


It’s been a challenging season for Clayton, who has gotten mixed reviews from viewers.

Earlier this month Bachelor fans sent Venmo charges to Clayton for the “pain and suffering” he caused earlier in the season.

During the episode, villain Shanae Ankney accused Elizabeth Corrigan of being a bully, and rallying the rest of the cast against her.

Shanae was set off after Elizabeth and the others passed on Shanae’s offer of shrimp during a dip in the hot tub.

The show later featured discussions about the seafood for nearly the entire two-hour episode and thus, “Shrimp Gate” was born.

It seems viewers at home were not moved by the controversy, with many blaming the Bachelor star and flooding Clayton’s Venmo account with demands for money back for their lost brain cells.

The requests ranged from as low as $1 to $50 and beyond.

And those that demanded their money back cheekily explained why in comments.

One person asked for a dollar for: “The trauma of shrimp gate.”

Another wanted $3.50 for: “Reparations.”

And that request for $50? That was for: “pain and suffering.”

Clayton responded to requests on his Instagram stories, begging “Y’all need to stop this right now,” and included a laughing emoji.

The backlash took a turn for the serious later in the episode, when Clayton kept Shanae, who had already been accused of mocking Elizabeth’s ADHD diagnosis.

Instead, it was Elizabeth who was sent home.

Clayton took to Twitter after the episode aired to share an apology for his decision.

The reality star said he was unaware of the “petty drama” between the two girls, and said he was sorry for the “damage” that he caused.

“I’m sorry, Elizabeth, for what you’re going through. I wish I could’ve seen what was happening when I wasn’t there,” he began.

“I obviously knew y’all weren’t in a good place with each other, but I thought at the time that it was solely petty drama.”

Clayton went on to say: “I would’ve sent Shanae home immediately for making fun of you for being neurodivergent, had I known.

“Overall, the experience of me watching hasn’t been fun, simply because I’m seeing all of the damage that I’ve caused.

“I really meant well but my actions weren’t always the best as I now can see the repercussions from my decisions,” he claimed.

“I can promise you I’m learning from the mistakes though and am doing everything in my power to come out the other side a better man,” the Bachelor star closed.


Clayton also faced backlash after an off date with Sarah Samrick during which they were “forced” to strop down to their underwear.

The pair were told that their clothes had to come off during a Scavenger Hunt while on a day date.

Clayton nervously smiled at the news while contemplating to proceed with the challenge sans clothing.

Sarah was also hesitant, asking: “What if you’re not wearing underwear?,” to which Becca jokingly responded: “You can go commando if you want.”

The couple ran half naked through the streets as bystanders looked on, with some taking out their phones to snap a picture of the scene.

They giggled while they made their way through the hunt open pinatas, dancing, and singing heartfelt songs to one another through a microphone.

Once they completed the challenge, Sarah jumped into the NFL star’s arms as they embraced one another, relieved that they accomplished the task.

The duo decided to push on, heading to their changing stations to remove everything but their underwear.

Clayton laughed off the awkward game telling the cameras: “There’s a list of things that I thought I’d never do in my life and I think this was at the top of it.”

Sarah also cracked jokes about the situation revealing: “I’ve only ever been in underwear with a guy in private so this will just, like, be a preview for Fantasy Suites.”

A slew of fans took to Twitter to voice their thought: “Ew this is so 2003. Is this what #TheBachelor produces think is sexy, shocking, or entertaining? Doing a scavenger hunt in your underwear is so regressive and unnecessary? Like what the hell. Maybe the producers grade 6 daughter wrote this challenge… #awkward

While another fan tweeted: “They went from a group date talking about body insecurities to running around in public in underwear to a baywatch photoshoot…am I the only one who thinks that’s wrong?! #TheBachelor

Fans have been critical of the star from the start


Fans have been critical of the star from the startCredit: Getty
He was slammed for allowing the season's villain to stay on the show


He was slammed for allowing the season’s villain to stay on the showCredit: Getty
He's also been picked apart over some of his dates


He’s also been picked apart over some of his datesCredit: Getty

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