Big Rapids Library offers more than just books

BIG RAPIDS – Big Rapids Community Library director Lauren Perkins encourages community residents to get to know the many services available through the library.

The library offers access to 37,670 books; 4,498 movies on DVD; 27,809 movies through digital streaming; 8,098 audiobooks; 26,061 e-books; and over 71 e-resources and databases, Perkins said. In addition, the library has WiFi hot spot laptops, an Airbook and an ipad, and fit bits that can be checked out, used, and returned.

“Movies are even more important now that Family video has closed,” Perkins said. “Where else can you get movies, except for Red Box outside of Walgreens? Kanopy is a digital streaming service, which has 27,000 plus films that you can have access to.”

To use Kanopy services, you must have an active library card, she said. You can download the app to your smart phone, computer or smart TV and stream movies directly to the device.

In addition, the library offers access to Libby, an e-book and audio book digital check out system, where magazines, ebooks and audio books can be checked out. is another digital resource that offers an assortment of resources and data bases for kids and adults, such as an online encyclopedia, and videos on things like small engine repair, hobbies and crafts, Microsoft tutorials and career skills tutorials, Perkins said.

“Any kind of research resources you want you can find through,” she said. “Not enough people use these resources. More people should know they exist, because it is an amazing accumulation of knowledge that everybody has access to for free.” also offers and interlibrary loan service where card holders can get books from any of the libraries in Michigan, if it is not available locally.

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